The Dadgum Podcast is now on The Clock Out!

If you’re reading this, I’m very happy that you’ve found your way to The Clock Out. It’s a good group of folks.

We’re happy to have you here, and excited to participate in making the funny words.

You may know Kyle and myself from some dad-related content on erstwhile web properties. If that’s your jam, then oh man you are reading the right blog post.

While some folks may have taken a few weeks off trying to collect themselves, I have some news that’s going to smush your mindgrapes right into a sour extract waiting to be fermented: Kyle and I kept on dadding.

That’s right, the dad life doesn’t take plays off. You’d know that if you followed our Twitter and Instagram. Which I’m sure you all already do. They’re must follows.

But in addition! We seceded from our oppressive overlords and got ourselves set up on our brand spanking new iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify feeds! That’s right, brand new Dadgum Podcast episodes are there, waiting for you to tune in. And here’s an added bonus for your earballs: We dropped a new episode today! Fresh father insight, I’m telling you.

So what will you get by listening to the Dadgum Podcast? You’ll get weekly updates on what two dads get up to with their sons. You’ll hear us troubleshoot our way through the trials and tribulations of raising kids. You’ll also hear our takes on famous and fictional dads, plus we’ll always run through dads in popular media. We also take on kid media, dads in the news, and any sort of hot button topics that tangentially involve parents somehow. Did we shoehorn in that guy who killed a mountain lion with his bare hands? You betcha.

So head on over there, like, subscribe and rate. Y’all know the drill. And stay tuned here at the Clock Out for our very own page, so you can get all your daily fun in one place.

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