Criminal Of The Week: Drunk Dude Wants Cheez-Its

We have all drunkenly rummaged through the pantry looking for a late night snack, and many time that ends in a box of Cheez-It’s in our hands. It looks like one drunk man in Atlanta got a little too attached to his Cheez-Its.

A man had to rescue his mother from the second floor of their home during a fire that allegedly began over a box of Cheez-Its. Officials said that two adult brothers and their 61-year-old mother were at home when an argument began over a box of Cheez-It snack crackers.

That’s when one of the brothers, piss drunk, locked his brother and mother inside the home and began pouring gasoline on the front porch. He then lit the house on fire, trapping the others inside. The other brother was able to lift his mother down from the second story window and then get himself out safely.

I understand getting in a serious fight over some Cheez-It’s, but I don’t think that locking your mother and brother in a house that you then light on fire is the move here. Thanksgiving is definitely going to be awkward for quite some time now. 

For more Criminals Of The Week, check out Delph’s podcast, the Mountain Man Podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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