Emoji License Plates Are About To Be Real

Vanity plates are by and large a douchey commodity. Never in my life would I be caught with one of those on my personal vehicle. Sure, they personalize your whip, but statistics show that 98% of them make you look like a tool to every other driver on the road. Luckily, our friends from down under seem to be solving that issue for a cool $475 by allowing vanity plates to contain one of five classic emojis like “heart eyes” and “wink face”. *insert :eyeroll: emoji.* The Queensland Department of Transport and Main roads will be launching their “emoji plates” on March 1. These trendy new license plates can be purchased through Personal Plates Queensland.

I can only imagine what this will turn into five years down the road. “Yeah, I’ve got eyes on a suspicious vehicle heading south bound on highway 95 – mile marker 10. I need a 10-28 run on license plate Charlie-Tango-Bravo-6-9-Eggplant Emoji, over.” The dispatcher laughs on the other end of the radio. “All clear. No outstanding warrants. Registration is clean.” I’m sure Australian police are thrilled about this new feature.

You do you, Australia. As long as this nonsense doesn’t make it across the pond, I guess I have no reason to fret.

Via Fox News

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