Stop Taking Dating Advice From The Internet

Dating advice is everywhere. Everyone has an opinion and sadly, we all have the internet to scream from. But can I ask you guys an honest question? Why are people looking for dating advice from strangers on the internet? Yes, I understand that it’s tough out there. But have we really reached a point that we are looking to strangers behind a keyboard to find all the answers to our love-life questions? Are you all really trying to tweak your dating profiles based on what someone is saying just because they have a few thousand followers? Put aside the fact that some of these people spewing dating bullshit haven’t yet reached the age of 25 and most likely have not had an adult relationship themselves, dating is not cut and dry. And that is what makes my blood boil.

If you are single and just trying to mingle, then yes, bumble and tinder profile optimization is probably something you want to consider. It’s all about the click bait. But if you are looking to find a solid relationship why the fuck would you want to alter any part of you just to get a few more swipes? If you work out and are looking to meet like-minded people who share your disciplined lifestyle, then damnit, make that gym selfie your profile picture. You will probably strike out on anyone who is just looking for someone with “Netflix, naps, and nom-noms” in their profile, but if that isn’t the person you are trying to attract then what does it even matter? Likewise, if you enjoy waking up at the ass-crack of dawn to drench yourself in deer piss and go chase white-tails then, by all means, feel free to throw a pic up of you cleaning that 8-point you took down last November. Anyone who can’t stomach that probably isn’t someone you want to be shacking up with anyways. Sure, it may come across as douchey if you have a picture of you playing the guitar, but that is just my opinion. And my opinion doesn’t matter, does it? Because you are looking to start a relationship with someone who has a passion for music and digs the latest Arcade Fire album as much as you do.

Height, weight, occupation, whatever you choose to advertise yourself as should reflect you and your character. Whoever you are swiping right on should catch your eye, pique your interest, and meet your personal preferences. If someone passed on you because you didn’t list: “I’m 6’-3” 205lb, Certified Public Accountant, I love dogs” somewhere in your bio then to hell with ‘em. And if you are striking out because you have one too many red wine emojis in your bio then so be it. It is what it is, and life moves on.

Dating decisions that you make, like whether or not to go on a second date with that guy you met last week, should not be made based on the advice some mid-20’s single dude is telling you on the internet. The fact that you are so torn on responding to a recent hookup’s text that you are seeking wisdom from someone behind a keyboard shows that there are bigger issues at hand to discuss. Such as how you manage to dress yourself in the morning. Sliding into the DMs of some twitter hero cannot be substantial enough to describe the scenario in its entirety and outline all your thoughts and issues with the situation at hand. You are an adult. Part of being an adult is making decisions on your own. You can do this.

In my opinion, most dating advice is bullshit. There are endless scenarios because people are unique and think differently and weigh the various issues and criteria differently, yet for some reason there is this growing trend on trying to generalize everything. We live in a society where it’s acceptable to just throw blanket statements out there about entire groups of people and it is just accepted. Stop feeding this nonsense and adopt the mentality that you are your own person. There is no science behind dating, there is no timeline to follow, no law of the land. If you want to text someone the day after a drunken hookup then do it. If they don’t respond, then it’s whatever. No need to investigate the entire situation like Olivia fucking Benson. The bottom line is, as much as this saying is overused, you do you, and fuck all to what everyone else says. But hey, I’m just sitting here shouting from my keyboard so what do I know?


  1. I find one of the most annoying pieces of advice people try to give me for dating is that I am being too picky and am probably not gonna meet someone with the same interests as me. I don’t think that the person I want to be with should just be a female version of me, but if she’s not into going skiing or hitting up a brewery every once in a while, why would I want to date them?

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    1. Those are the people that are gonna settle and get divorced in a few years. If you can’t be picky about the person you’re hypothetically gonna spend the rest of your life with, what can you be picky about?


  2. I love this, like the most straight forward no bulls**t article I’ve encountered amongst many.😂😂 the expressions are priceless


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