The Clock Out Goes World Wide

On Tuesday The Clock Out went live. We took the internet by storm. Thousands of people across the country came to our site. Just to read fresh content from some of the web’s biggest small time influencers. But we had no idea just how big this site could be.

Not only did we have thousands of people from across the states tune in, but we also went international. Check out these worldly analytics for a moment.

Readers clicked in from literally every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Don’t worry, we are devising a plan to penetrate the Arctic market. This may include a laser to heat up the earth’s atmosphere causing worldwide temperatures to increase melting the sheet of ice encasing the frozen continent until it’s habitable. (It may also be based loosely off the movie Water World, but that’s for later site posts.) But until we can do that we’ll have to settle for 6 of the 7 continents.

We’re truly humbled here at The Clock Out at the worldwide support we got on launch day. So humbled we might even have to start addressing the site as The World Famous Clock Out. Although that being said, there are still international markets we are striving to break in to on our quest to be one of the biggest small-time websites in the game. But I guess that’s why the call it the world wide web.

And to all the homies across the world reading this, gracias, grazie, dzięki, 감사, bedankt, tack, धन्यवाद, and thanks.

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