Criminal Of The Week: Florida Man Throws Cookie At Girlfriend

A man from Pasco County, Florida is being charged with domestic battery after he allegedly threw a cookie at his girlfriend last weekend.

Pasco County deputies arrived at the couple’s home around noon on Sunday after the woman had called in that she had been attacked. Once arriving on scene, authorities found a red spot on the victim’s forehead which was allegedly caused by a thrown cookie. The man admitted to throwing the cookie at her without her consent. He was arrested and is facing domestic battery charges.

Is this on Live PD? It’s out of Pasco County so I hope they got a little bit on tape. I’m proud of this Florida man for keeping the stereotype alive. I’m also horrified that he could throw a cookie hard enough to injure someone. I do appreciate that he’s going for the 50% Soundcloud rapper look with the face tats. You have to keep one side clean for business. 

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