Is Colton Really A Virgin? Fivehead Robby Says No

I’ve got to admit that I’m jus t not into The Bachelor this season. When the most interesting thing about you is that you’re a virgin, you just aren’t that interesting. But what if that’s not even true?

Robby Hayes (from JoJo’s season of  The Bachelorette) alleges that Colton may not be as pure as he seems. On the Bleav in Bachelor Blab podcast with Jackie Maroney, Robby said, “I personally don’t really think he’s a virgin, I saw that picture that came out, I’m sure you did too.”

What picture, you ask? Well, apparently a Snapchat was making the rounds earlier this month that called Colton’s virginity into question. The pic is of a younger Colton with the caption “I f–ked a big tittied hoe last night.”  (See the pic here).

Multiple sources told TMZ it was a fake, but clearly, Robby’s not buying it. He continued on to say, “I actually got sent that picture about two months before it came out by my sister because this person he sent it to is one of her friends and so she was like, ‘Oh my God. He’s not a virgin,'”

Is he or isn’t he? It may not actually matter anymore since Colton’s new line is that he was a virgin before his stint on The Bachelor. The fantasy suite claims another victim.

[Via EOnline]

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