Bad Ass Women of The Week: USWNT

Happy Women’s History Month, Babes!  TBH, I had a lock-in for the Bad Ass Woman of the Week, sent to me by none other than Jenna Crowley, and it was a good one.  However, I received a late entry, the USWNT: That’s ‘United States Women’s National Team’, as in soccer, as in fútbol.

Now, personally, I am not the biggest fan of soccer.  Why the fuck does the clock count up? Sometimes there is only one goal scored, and that team still wins.  There is a penalty every other second, stop and go, stop and go, stop and go. I would actually rather watch paint dry.  As far as men’s soccer, it is so dramatic. Usually, some asshole is rolling around on the ground, gripping his leg like he’s been shot all because some defender tried to take the ball.  (In basketball you can get called for flopping – why not soccer?)

But this isn’t about the US Men’s National Team – no, no, not those yuckos (who didn’t even qualify for The World Cup last year, lolz) or soccer, really.  It’s about how the women on the National Team decided to honor other important and influential women during their game – er, I mean, match – (ugh, soccer) on Saturday versus England (‘ello!), which was part of the SheBelieves Cup.

Each member of the team selected a woman who they considered to be an inspiration.  Each selection is listed on the USWNT website with an explanation. While I won’t get into the specifics, I can tell you that the names chosen are quite eclectic  – from Hollywood actresses to authors to astronauts, there is a lot of variety. Other pioneering women in science, in arts, in sports, in human rights, are represented.  And further, the explanation that each woman on the team provides about their personal selection really highlights why she is inspired by that woman.

Women supporting women! I love it.  Soccer, not so much! But maybe I’ll do my part, and support the USWNT – who, by the way, did qualify for The World Cup this year.   What a way to kick off March!

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