The Clock Out Pet Of The Week: Zoey

This week’s Pet of the Week comes to us from the capital of this great country, a fine pupper by the name of Zoe. Zoe is a lab mix and she just shy of her third birthday.

Zoe is a rescue. She was adopted to her furever home by @singinsteph and @TwoandQ in the fall of 2016 (still waiting on the Twitter follow). Although originally on the cat train, Steph has since given up her #catlady status and welcomed Zoe into their home with open arms.

Look at that ear!

Like many dogs, she loves people food with her favorite being the ever popular peanut butter and filet mignon, courtesy of her grandma who spoils her with only the finest vittles. I’d hate to embarrass her but I’m told that like many of us, she gets the meat sharts. She’s taken out multiple articles of clothing, white walls, it seems nothing is sacred when Zoey is on the meat train. She may be a serial sharter but she’s also a serial good dog. Look at those floppy ears!

Two best friends

Zoey has brought a lot of love and fulfillment to Steph and Jake. When she’s not out playing, she can be found chilling with her kitty friend, Jazzy. Slightly off topic, but Jazzy is a great name for a cat. Zoey loves Jazzy and I’m sure deep down in Jazzy’s heart, Jazzy tolerates Zoey. It hasn’t always been that way. Jazzy was an OG hater of her canine sister. After an adjustment period, the two worked together to take down a bird and appropriate it as a communal toy. Did they just become best friends? YUP! As you can see, they are on pretty much the best terms a cat and dog can be.

“Throw the ball already, woulda ya!”

Zoe is a Grade A certified good dog and I would definitely not hesitate to pet her. Even though she has on Michigan gear, I feel Zoe has made up for the void that Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke have left upon your alma mater. She’s got energy for days and a playful spirit. We at the Clock Out hope for many great days ahead to Zoe’s betrothed parents and a shartless filled birthday for Zoe.

If you have a pet you’d like to highlight, whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, lizard, snake or what have you, please send me an email at titled, “Pet of the Week” along with some information about your pet, Twitter handle, a few pictures for the article and Twitter. I cannot promise when it will be published, but I will do my very best to bring a new face and story every Friday at noon for your viewing pleasure.

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