Bad Ass Woman of The Week: Juanita Green

Full disclosure here – my age is over 28 + 2… okay, like, I’m still coming to terms with it.  Most of my friends are also coming to terms with it, but I have to be honest, going to a 30th birthday party every other week is kind of getting old.   I mean, at a certain point, birthdays kind of obsolete and really, it just meant that you were here for another trip ‘round the sun. In other words, I’m over it.

But I’m not going to say that to Juanita Green of Louisville, Kentucky: she’s turning 105 today.  (105!) Juanita has truly lived through some shit. Perhaps you’re not a big history nerd like me, but holy shit, this woman has seen the world change and then some during her lifetime: two world wars, The Great Depression, and 18 Presidents.  In her lifetime, she has witnessed phones evolve from calling and being connected by an operator to operating a gadget on your wrist.

As far as the phone, she said that “‘I have a problem with my telephone… I don’t understand anything about it.’”  I mean, I don’t expect her to be able to work a phone, as people who are over 40 can barely work their own phones. Despite her technological disadvantages, I absolutely love Juanita’s outlook on life:

“‘My secret is just being yourself… Doing something good for someone else.  Helping others. That’s the main thing.’”

Right there, that’s the heart of a woman who truly deserves a celebration.  Happy Birthday, Juanita!

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  1. Not understanding your phone is hardly a ‘disadvantage.’ The time spent staring at a phone is the greatest loss of productivity known to mankind. Looking at your friends’ social media feeds is not a substitute for actual human interaction.


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