Thursday Afternoon Haiku

A haiku is a short form Japanese poem.  Despite the short form – a haiku usually consists of three lines, with the first and third line having 5 syllables and the second line containing seven syllables – a haiku can convey deep and complex emotions and ideas.   Sometimes, 17 syllables are all that you need to convey exactly what’s going on in your life.

Workplace psychopath

Please stop hitting reply all

Thirteenth time this year

Daylight savings time

Need more coffee in my cup

Or ten more hours sleep

Green snot sneezing child

Make the tissue dance right now

Before I dry heave

Upstairs neighbor dog

Zoom zoom bark bark two A.M.

Go back to hell demon

First hot yoga class

Movement like a butterfly

But not from this chick

Self-cleaning oven

Fiery hot bright orange flame

Is it Friday yet?

Shithole apartment

More breakdowns than ‘The Bachelor’

But: shackles of lease

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