You Can Get Cash For Eating At Chipotle

Hang on to your guac, friends; I’ve got some news for you. Chipotle is taking its rewards program nationwide, and as part of the promotion, that could mean some burrito cash in your Venmo account.

Between now and Friday, Chipotle will pick around 25,000 people per day who sign up for the program and reward them with deposits into their Venmo account, in amounts anywhere from $1 and $500. The deposit will show up in Venmo with a link to the Chipotle rewards program and a custom pepper emoji in the “What’s it for?” field.   I feel like the burrito would have been a better choice, but what do I know?

There is a method to this Venmo madness; according to CNN, “Chipotle hopes people will see their friends receive payments from Chipotle, wonder what’s going on, click through and learn about the new program.”
Curt Garner, the company’s chief technology officer, added, “Venmo, to us, is becoming an untapped social network.”

The rewards program itself will give points for ordering food online or on the Chipotle app, with customers getting 10 points for each dollar spent and with a free entree costing 1,250 points.

That’s great at all…but the real question is: when will they stop charging for guac?

[Via CNN]

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