Enter Our March Madness Bracket Contest And Win…

Jenna‘s got Gonzaga (obviously) and Miss MacKay is a Duke fan. Heavy Metal Krist is mounring Loyola Chicago, Madoff is praying for a miracle for WVU and Delph is trying to get them both on the Hokies bandwagon. Do you have a favorite team that’s likely to make the cut for March Madness? Well, even if you don’t, you can join your favorite Clock Out writers in a March Madness Bracket Content and win…a pound of Madoff’s homemade beef jerky! Some amazingly delicious, protein packed snacks, plus bragging rights as the first ever winner of the The Clock Out March Madness Bracket Contest? What else could you want?

We’ll be using ESPN’s Tournament Challenge to play this year. Click here to go straight to our group, or on the Tournament Challenge main page, click on “groups” and then search for “The Clock Out.” Here are some details:

  • Brackets open on 3/17 after the teams are announced
  • You must have your bracket(s) completed by the time the Round of 64 games start on Thursday, 3/21
  • Each player can make up to five brackets
  • All of the scoring and other rules are available here

So sign up, play along, and see if you’re better than we are at picking a winning bracket. All we ask for is a video of your victory dance.

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