Is There An “Adults Only” Hotel Coming To Disney?

A tweet has garnered some notoriety on the internet recently. In this thread, a hardcore Disney fan took to the internet to complain about the ongoing issue of children at Disney World. Yes, you read that correctly. This person had a huge issue that a theme park designed for children was being overrun by screaming snot-nosed terrors. So for a company who’s most risque movie rating is PG-13, here’s what one brave fan suggested.

Dear Walt Disney World: as an adult fan who has no kids, I would pay lots of money to stay at a resort that is Adult Only 22 and over. No kids. A resort where a quiet pool is quiet. A bar that has choices. You don’t even have to theme it other than adult only.— Kara Baymax (@Karalainee) March 18, 2019

Short answer. No this isn’t going to happen. But, I’m all about the page views, comments, and shares. Sorry, not sorry, for the click-bait. However, now that you’re all here though…

Could you imagine an “Adults Only” Disney themed resort? I can only imagine they’d have to make it somewhat like “Pleasure Island” from the 1940 animated classic Pinocchio. An attraction that was dedicated to an all-out brawl room, cigars being thrown to the masses, free beer, and of course a destruction room. But, the magic shouldn’t just stop there! Here are some other suggestions I’d have for an “adults only” Disney themed hotel and park

-Disney Princess burlesque show.

-BDSM sex dungeon located deep under Cinderella’s castle.

-Toy Story XXX shop with toys like “The Woody”, “Buzz”, and “Slinky Dong”

-Frozen drinks.

-An in house casino with the option to cash out winnings for fast passes.

-Disney Dispensary. Now that Florida has medical cannabis, get approved for a prescription and enjoy handcrafted strains like “Disneyland OG”, “Skywalker OG”, and “Disney Blue” (These are all real strain names.)

Now that I have you all thinking about the magic of Disney, what “Adult Only” attractions would you look for on your kid-free Disney trip? Did I leave anything out on what every adult would want in a kid-free environment of fun?

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