Alyssa’s Adventures: Adult Spring Break Part II

“We’re going to the beach in 15 minutes! “Sonia yelled as she poked her head into the door of Alyssa and Alexa’s still-dark hotel room. Unintelligible groans came from the two beds as a response. “15 minutes.” Sonia repeated, retreating back to her own room.

“What happened last night?” Alexa asked in a hoarse voice as she attempted to extricate herself from the mess of blankets she was wrapped in. “I don’t know.” Alyssa replied in an equally rough voice. She felt around the bed for her phone. “I shouldn’t have skipped lunch before drinking. I was so drunk at that dinner buffet, do you think people noticed?”

“I have no idea,” Alexa responded as she trudged to the bathroom. “I just remember ordering a fancy cocktail that our waiter took 20 minutes to make and then knocking it over right in front of him. I’m such an asshole. He looked like he was going to cry.”

Alyssa cackled before stopping abruptly when she heard her own laugh. “God, I sound like I chain-smoked a whole pack of cigs last night.” She paused as memories began flooding back. “Wait, did we smoke cigars on the beach with those guys? No wonder I feel horrible. The last cigar I smoked was a fucking Black & Mild in high school to try and impress some stoner boy I had a crush on.”

She could hear Alexa giggling through the cracked bathroom door and burst out laughing herself. Suddenly she was crying with laughter as they both howled, commiserating in only the way two truly hungover people can find humor in everything. As the giggles ceased, Alyssa wiped her eyes and sighed.

“Did I ever text Eric yesterday?” She asked, half to herself, as she resumed her search for her phone. “I think so,” Alexa responded as she walked back into the room. “You had your phone at dinner and you were texting. I think you took a Snap video of Mike head-bobbing at the dinner table too,” she continued with a chuckle.

“Oh god, that’s right.” Alyssa said as finally found her phone. “’Mike the Marine.’ That guy was such a dick.” Her voice trailed off as she read Eric’s last text displayed on her lock screen.

Eric [12:18am]: Well, it looks like you’re having fun with new friends, so I won’t bug you anymore. Goodnight.

“Shit.” She thought as she searched her brain and her past texts for any evidence of wrongdoing. “Did I do anything stupid with one of the guys? I don’t remember doing anything more than hanging out in a group.” Her phone contained only a few drunk texts to Eric and the aforementioned Snap video of one of them at dinner. She viewed it again, and saw no offending content. Well, not of her, at least. She had managed to capture a blurry half-second of footage of Bridget making out with one of the guys.

Confused, she texted Eric as she began to get ready for the beach.

Alyssa [10:21am]: Morning babe! Sorry about all the drunk texts, the free booze snuck up on me lol. How was your night? Miss you!

Almost immediately she heard a distinct chime, and turned back to the dresser where she had placed her phone.

Eric [10:22am]: Hey, no worries. Who were the guys you were hanging out with? I don’t want you to get kidnapped in Mexico lol

Alyssa [10:24am]: Lol, I won’t get kidnapped don’t worry. They were just some guys we met at the pool. I was playing wingman to Bridget and Alexa.

Eric [10:25am]: Yeah, I saw your snap story. They look like real cool guys. Maybe Bridget should raise her standards a bit after that makeout.

Alyssa stared at the text, annoyance building in her chest. Catching sight of her expression, Alexa asked her if everything was ok. “Yeah, Eric’s just being kind of an asshole right now,” Alyssa responded, fingers tapping at her screen as she replied to the text.

Alyssa [10:26am]: Don’t be a dick. The guy she hooked up with was actually really nice. Don’t start getting jealous please.

“Like, I know he’s just being jealous because he saw other guys in my video, but he should trust me to know I’m not doing anything wrong. I never even got mad at him for running off and not responding to any of my texts after we had that fight at the engagement party, because I trust him not to do anything stupid. But he won’t do the same for me.” She waved her hands exasperatedly and smiled at Alexa, who was looking on in concern. “It’s fine. It’s just a dumb text.”

Before she could finish putting her bathing suit on, she heard another chime from her phone. She rolled her eyes and looked over at his reply to her text as she pulled on her top.

Eric [10:26am]: Well, I’m glad she found a nice guy. I’m not getting jealous, I’m just a little concerned about my girlfriend running around with random dudes while on vacation with all her slutty single friends. You don’t even know who these guys are or if they’re safe to be around. I’m just worried about you and idk about the choices you’re making.

Sonia poked her head in the room to tell them to hurry up, took one look at Alyssa’s expression, and ducked back out. Alyssa tapped out a text message, fingers moving quickly with anger, and hit send with authority before tossing her phone back on her bed.

Alyssa [10:28am]: WOW you’re being such an asshole right now. My friends aren’t slutty just because they hook up with guys. As if all of your friends aren’t always talking about all the girls they get with. And don’t pretend you’re “worried about my safety.” I’m hanging out in a resort, the safest place in Mexico, and if my friends want to talk to guys, I’m going to hang out with them. I’m going down to the beach and idk when I’ll be back near my phone. I’ll talk to you later.

Finishing getting dressed, she grabbed her tote and tossed a towel, sunscreen, a water bottle, and a book that she’d been trying to finish for four months into it. She walked into the other room where Sonia and Alexa were waiting and announced with a smile.

“Let’s hit the bar on the way to the beach. Mama needs something to bring her back to life. Wait – where’s Bridget?”

The other girls laughed as they grabbed their bags and walked into the hall. “Probably still asleep in her new loverrr’s room,” Sonia said over shoulder as they walked towards the sparkling ocean.


  1. Eric can even manage to fuck up when his GF is on vacation. Like yeah dude piss her off at a beach resort in Mexico.


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