Miracles Happen: A No-Hangover Alcohol Is On The Way

Humble brag: I actually don’t get hangovers. As we’ve discussed previously, I rarely drink, but when I do, I feel worse the next day if I have one or two then if I have ten, so if I’m indulging, it’s usually a go-big-or-scenario.

But you don’t have my unique ability to drink with no day-after side effects, I’ve got some good news for you: a new type of alcohol that not only promises no hangovers but also does no damage to your liver is on the way.

Scientists in England are working on a synthetic alcohol called “Alcarelle,” which would still have all of the fun parts of alcohol (that warm feeling in your belly, an excuse to make ridiculously bad decisions), but none of the bad ones, like permanently damaging a relatively important internal organ.

According to WHDH, one of the scientists working on developing
Alcarelle, David Nutt, director of the neuropsychopharmacology unit at Imperial College London said that the booze we’ve all been waiting for could hit the market within five years.

“If the science is right, and if it’s easy to mask the taste, I think it’s got a great chance,” he told The Guardian.

Agreed, Dr. Nutt, agreed.

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