Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Embezzlement and Eliminations

It’s a rainy Sunday here in Massachusetts, the kind that’s really only good for naps and binge-watching Law and Order. Which is exactly what I did after speaking the weekend away at a bachelorette party. I had Cheez-its for dinner and basically laid under a sherpa blanket all day, so I really have nothing to complain about. Unlike these people.

Rolling Stones Fans

If you planned to see the Stones this spring, you are crap out of luck.

The band cancelled their upcoming North American tour due to an undisclosed illness of their frontman, Mick Jagger. According to a Facebook statement from the band, “”Unfortunately today the Rolling Stones have had to announce the postponement of their upcoming US / Canada tour dates. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes those who have tickets to shows but wish to reassure fans to hold onto these existing tickets, as they will be valid for the rescheduled dates, which will be announced shortly.”

The statement continued, saying “Mick has been advised by doctors that he cannot go on tour at this time, as he needs medical treatment. The doctors have advised Mick that he is expected to make a complete recovery so that he can get back on stage as soon as possible.”

Jagger himself said on Twitter:

Given how expensive Rolling Stones tickets are, I’m sure the fans are hoping you feel better soon as well. [Via TMZ]

The Owner Of No Limits Construction

I don’t know the owner’s name, but this guy’s got the worst luck with accountants ever.

His latest accountant, Vanessa Cline, was arrested last week and charged with embezzling over $93,000 from the company to pay for various items for her upcoming wedding. Among the unauthorized purchases Ms. Cline made on the company card were a wedding dress for $2,000, a wedding planner for $25,000 and a $7,000 butt lift, as well as clothing, perfume, furniture, plane tickets, and an ATV.

The weird part of this is that this is the second bookkeeper to steal from the construction company; per the news release, Cline’s predecessor pleaded guilty to embezzling from the firm at least $150,000 between January 2016 and January 2018.

As for Cline – she was charged with five counts of embezzlement, five counts of forgery, and five counts of uttering. Safe to say her weekend was pretty bad as well. [Via PerezHilton]

Wow Air Passengers

I’ve got to tell you – there’s no way I’m flying something called “Wow Air.” It just sounds like a nightmare. But the thing of it is…no one is now flying Wow Air, even people that had tickets.

The airline suddenly ceased operations on Friday, leaving thousands of paid passengers stranded.  The Icelandic airline, which employed more than 1,000 people and carried around 3.5 million passengers, declared bankruptcy and posted a travel alert on its website that said, “Wow Air has ceased operation. All Wow Air flights have been canceled.”

Other airlines stepped in to try and help the stranded passengers, but it looks pretty likely that those who had bought and paid for tickets on Wow will not get their money back. Yuck. [Via Wilx]

This Bangladeshi Woman

Giving birth sounds like one hell of a nightmare for me, but what this Bangladeshi woman went through sounds like the things that horror movies are made of.

20-year-old Arifa Sultana gave birth to a baby boy in late February, and all went well…until about four weeks later, when she went back to the hospital complaining of lower belly pain. The cause? Sultana was still pregnant…with twins.

Sultana has a condition called uterus didelphys, which basically means she has two uteruses. As such, the first baby and the twins were conceived and developed in separate wombs. Sultana never had an ultrasound, so she didn’t know she was pregnant with more than one child. On the upside – all three babies (two boys and a girl) are healthy as is the mom.

According to the National Institutes of Health, uterus didelphys is a rare hereditary abnormality, and the chance of twin pregnancy has an overall occurrence rate of 1 in a million. So Sultana is just super…lucky? [Via CNN]

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