We Get It. You’re Famous. Do Something Good.

Hey, where were you last Monday?  Were you starting off your week at your 9-5?  Same! Apparently, Baker Mayfield wasn’t, he was busy tweeting at American Airlines:

Hey @AmericanAir, my fiancé has her bachelorette party this weekend and y’all cancelled her direct flight… changed her ticket and seat.. it’s no longer nonstop. I’m not sure how y’all do business but I’m pretty sure this isn’t how it’s supposed to go…. AND without a refund…— Baker Mayfield (@bakermayfield) March 25, 2019

(What a pompous ass.)

Delay aside – because, you know, I actually work for a living and was busy with my life – this really pissed me off.  And it’s not just Baker Mayfield, it’s a handful of other celebrity types, too. You’re famous! Congratulations. So… what? Look, I ~*get*~ that this is a prime example of someone enjoying celebrity status, but why does this guy, or any guy/gal/non-gender conforming person for that matter, think that this type of behavior is okay? The cliche is one-hundred percent true: Life is full of ups and downs and shit happens all the time.  Them’s the breaks, kid! But how you handle these ups and downs and carry yourself through them says a whole lot more about your character than, say, how well you throw a football.

So what are we coming to in this world?  Don’t like something? Just whine about it on social media, stomp your feet, and pout until you get your way!  What happened to facing a problem head-on, thinking about how to solve it, and then just handling it? It seems like suddenly it’s okay, dare I even say the norm now, to basically embarrass or shame a company on a media platform.  “Oh, what does she know, she’s a teacher” – I can hear it from a mile away, truly I can. And, okay, while I might have a somewhat limited view on business insight, I tend to think that I have a very broad view on being decent and treating people with respect despite unfortunate situations.  

A little over a month ago, I too, had an issue with American Airlines – they changed the time of one of my flights.  Was I upset about it? Oh hell yes, I was – there is no way I would be able to fly out of New Orleans at 5:30 in the morning. Now, full disclaimer, I did fire off a tweet about this: “American Airlines, what are you doing?”  However, I took a deep breath and followed up with a call to American Airlines and handled myself like a fucking grown-up. In fact, I spoke with a lovely woman named Denise, who helped me out without hesitation and we had a nice, even-keeled conversation. (A-freaking-plus service, Denise, A-freaking-plus!)  It took all of twenty minutes out of my day. Was it a bit of a hassle, a tad annoying, a little aggravating that my flight was changed in the first place… yes. But did I handle my own business and figure it out… also, yes.

So if I, a regular, ol’ gal in this rough and tumble world, can figure out how to solve some minor problems – which, by the way, I know not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to even book a flight – in a civilized manner without bitching about them on a national stage… why can’t people, especially those of the “celebrity status” pull their heads out of their asses, put on their big boy/girl/non-gender conforming panties and do the same?  Deal with your business in a professional, grown-up manner: Why not set the example for the rest of us common folk and prove that you can get a million dollar plus paycheck for throwing a football, but still be decent, hard-working, humble, and respectful? Wouldn’t that be something to tweet about.

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