Bad Ass Woman of The Week: Muffet McGraw

Muffet McGraw’s Fighting Irish may have lost the National Championship on Sunday night to the Baylor Bears (81-82), but you had to see this coming anyway. This week’s Bad Ass Woman of The Week is Muffet McGraw.

In case you aren’t familiar as to who Muffet McGraw is, she is the head coach of Notre Dame women’s basketball.  In her tenure, she has over 900 wins and 2 National Championships. She’s also “that lady” from “that video” that I hope your girlfriend, your mom, your teammates, your coach, your sister, your grandmas, aunts and cousins, and best friends all sent to you and you sent to them the minute that it aired.  Before the Final Four match-up, McGraw had to say this at her press conference before her semifinal game:

Notre Dame beat UConn that evening, to push the Fighting Irish to the final game, which, ultimately they lost.

You see, for the past seven years – since 2012 – Coach McGraw has led a coaching staff of all women:  There are no men on her bench. As ThinkProgress reported on March 30, McGraw stated that “‘Women need the opportunity. They deserve the opportunity,’ she says.  Asked whether she plans to ever hire a male coach again, she doesn’t hesitate: ‘No.’”

While we could view McGraw’s interview at face value, it isn’t just about more women in sports.  It’s about more women in politics, more women as CEO, more women as CFO, and more women as the leader and developer. Coach said it best, “When will it become the norm, instead of the exception?”

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