Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Firings, Fines, and Family Drama

Happy Monday, my friends. I hope you all had a great weekend. You will notice that I am not covering the two biggest events of the weekend –  the Masters or Game of Thrones – here, because A.) frankly, I don’t care about either and B.) there are other people way more qualified than me to discuss both topics. So instead let’s talk about some people that had a pretty bad weekend.

Dina Lohan

As someone without a boyfriend, I am probably not in the position to mock someone else’s relationship, but I’m going to do it anyway.

You may have read a while back that Lindsay Lohan’s mom had a boyfriend of five years…that she had never met. The elder Lohan was “dating” a guy she met online, Jesse Nadler, since 2014 – except that they had never met in person. When news of the relationship broke a while back, the internet went crazy with catfishing suspicions, but it turned out that Nadler was who he claimed to be, for the most part – but they still haven’t actually met.

But unfortunately, this twosome just weren’t meant to be – or meant to meet. Nadler told TMZ that the couple broke up after “hey got into a blowout argument over a book he promoted on his Facebook, which Dina thought was about another woman.” Lohan has tried since tried to reconcile, but Nadler says he’s over it.

I mean, if these two crazy kids can’t make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us? [Via TMZ]

Gloria Mackenzie

If you’ve ever watched any of those shows about lottery winners, you know that it always seems like people try to take advantage of them post-win, which sucks. In Ms. Mackenzie’s case, it sucks even more, since the perpetrator is her son.

Mackenzie won a $590.5 million Powerball jackpot back in 2013, taking home about $278 million after taxes at the age of 84. Now 90, Gloria is suing her son Scott, claiming he mismanaged her winnings.

According to court documents, Scott had control over Gloria’s money, which she had split with him because he helped her buy the winning ticket, and he turned over management of her portion to Harry “Hank” Madden, a certified financial planner and radio host. The suit claims that Madden had no experience in managing that amount of money, invested it too conservatively resulting in low returns between .02% and .08%, and charged the elder Mackenzie $2 million in fees. She is claiming over $10 million in damages.

Which seems like a lot…but does it really matter when you have $278 million? I guess it does to Gloria. You go girl. [Via CNBC]

Max Holloway

Holloway is already the reigning UFC featherweight champion, so it’s a bit difficult to feel bad that he failed in his quest for a second belt.

Holloway was battling Dustin Poirier for the lightweight title at UFC 236 in Atlanta on Saturday night when he lost by unanimous decision. Poirier, in his first title fight, essentially dominated in Holloway’s attempt to move up a weight class and claim the interim lightweight title.

Perhaps Holloway needs to be content with what he has? [Via Bleacher Report]

Amir Johnson

We are all addicted to our cell phones, but there’s just certain places using your phone is not appropriate. Church, class…and when you’re playing in the NBA playoffs.

According to ESPN, 76ers player Amir Johnson, “was caught by TV cameras sitting on the bench and scrolling through his phone late in the fourth quarter, with the Sixers down 16 points in an eventual 111-102 loss. Johnson showed [Joel] Embiid something on the phone and then slid it into the pocket of his warm-ups.” Use of a cell phones on the bench is banned by the NBA Operations Manual, and the 76ers issued Johnson a “substantial” fine for detrimental conduct, and the veteran issued an apology, saying in a statement, “I take full responsibility and will accept the consequences of my actions. I also apologize to my teammates, the 76ers organization and the fans for the distraction this has caused.”

Sixers general manager Elton Brand also addressed the issue, saying, “I have addressed the matter with Amir directly, and he understands why his actions were unacceptable. We are moving forward together with our full focus now on Game 2.”

Hopefully that one turns out better then Game 1. [Via ESPN]

Brody Jenner

I was super into The Hills the first time around, but I can’t say I am all that excited for the reboot. Particularly now that another one of the major players is MIA.

According to a source, despite originally confirming his participation, “Brody Jenner is in breach of his contract with MTV. The show has recently begun filming again for the upcoming season, and he is not filming. He is trying to get more money. So MTV told him goodbye.”

There’s already a lot of drama prior to the show’s June 24th debut, with Stephanie Pratt going off on brother Spencer and his wife Heidi. But there’s definitely going to be a little something missing with the KarJenner relation not making an appearance. [Via Perez Hilton]

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