On the Chopping Block to Join the Night King

If we’re being honest here, the last two Game of Thrones Episodes have been dreams sent directly from Disney themselves. I mean really, who’s died? The Carhart boy? Yeah not to seem like a cold-hearted, kid-hating b*tch, but I don’t care and let’s be honest, neither do you. Other than them killing, literally, no one off, we’ve had these feel-good, tongue-in-cheek, try-hard “funny” moments that if we’re being honest, are straight out of Disney, 1995-2000. They’re seriously giving me major childhood throwback vibes.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that’s not a GOT thing. And rather than rant and rave about how the show’s gone completely awry since they stopped following the plot of the books, I’m going to have some faith. I think these last two episodes were so mushy for a reason. I think the next 4 episodes are about to eviscerate our hearts harder than a Dothraki ingesting a horse heart trying to make their baby strong. It’s about to go down and I’m about to try to predict who’s on the chopping block for the next episode. Please do disagree with me, because I hope I’m f*cking wrong too.

1. SIR Brienne Of Tarth.

I’m really sorry for this one, I really am, but I’m about 99.99% sure our honorable knight is about to be a knight in the Night Kings army. Think about it, her character has come full circle. She’s achieved the goal she’s had since she was first introduced into this series, her character arc is fully complete and she had, arguably, the most emotional and feel good scene this past episode. This theory is all over twitter (pointed out as well on Twitter by Clock Out writer Noam) and while it’s painfully obvious, I think it’s absolutely right. No way she survives.

2. Greyworm

Sorry, but he’s also number two and nearly as likely to die as SIR Brienne. He’s just made beautiful plans to basically retire on a beach with Missandei and honestly doesn’t provide much else in terms of furthering the storyline from here. I love the Greyworm Missandei relationship as much as the next person and that’s also one of the reasons I’m pretty sure he’s about to join the Night King. He’s no longer really important to the story and he’s a feel good character that fans just ‘ship so he’s definitely dead by episode 4. I will be interested to see just how they kill him off however, I feel like they need to do it by having him save Missandei or Daenerys (and having Missandei resent her because of it) but don’t know how exactly they’d set that up since he’ll be in battle. Let’s just hope he has the honorable death he deserves.

3. The Hound

Like SIR Brienne, the Hound has pretty much completely rounded out his character arch. Arya has obviously removed him from her list and as she states in the episode, “When was the last time you fought for someone besides yourself?”. The Hound has come full circle and personally, I think he’s become a fan favorite as well. I certainly have a soft spot for him at this point and love the tough-love/ (weird) proud-dad like moment(s) he has with Arya in season 8. For these reasons I see him also joining the Knight King. Plus, why else would that scene with him, Arya, and Beric happen unless they’re killing one or more  (to be honest I can see Beric joining the good ‘ole Night King as well) of those characters?

4. Tormund

I LOVE Tormund but at this point the guys just comedic relief. Will they need that the coming 4 episodes? Yes. Will they have time for it? I’m guessing no. I guess we shall see. IF for some reason Tormund AND Sir Brienne survive I NEED to see some babies from them. That’s all I’ve got to say on that one.

5. Theon Greyjoy

Honestly, props to Theon for sticking it out this long. I thought he was for sure going to die multiple times throughout the last 7 seasons and yet, he’s still here. Let’s hope he keeps proving me wrong but with the emotional scenes between him and his sister, him and Sansa, and even him and Bran, I think he might just die defending Bran. He’s finally being brave and fighting for the Starks again, I think that might make his character arc complete and he’s definetly moved into the hearts of fans at this point. When you think about it, he’s also been a pretty major character throughout the story and I think killing him off might be the sweet spot for the Game of Thrones writers. He’s been around since the beginning and everyone has grown to like, if not love him, but he’s not as loved as Arya, John, Daenerys, or some of the other major players. For this reason, he may just join the Night King come episode three.  

These are my top 5. I could go on but I really think these three are the most likely. Others who I think they could pull off killing (or will kill but aren’t really big enough characters for me to write a whole paragraph on them) are Jamie Lannister, Arya, Beric, Jorah, Sam, and Podrick.

Jamie, I think may have completed the classic character redemption arc but I really think there’s just too much opportunity for drama and suspense with him and Cersei meeting again later. The writers just have too much opportunity there though it would be a dramatic ending this early in too, so maybe he’ll join the Night King.

As for Arya, I could also see just because we really saw some character development from her with her relationship with Gendry, it humanizes her a lot and I think that’s something she’s struggled with since leaving Winterfell the first time. She’s really come into herself and in the classic GOT world, that just means she’s prime for killing off. I like Arya a lot and I really want her to be the one to kill Cersei so I’m going to hope this doesn’t happen.

Beric is a more minor character and I just don’t see him having a part to play going forward so I think he’s going to die and I really just don’t care. Jorah has been so close to death so many times now I just throw him in there because Daenerys loves him (as a friend) so much and it’d hit the fans in the feels. Sam I think still has a part to play so I want to say he’s staying however that would be the ultimate blow to Jon and the fans so I could see GOT really pulling the rug out from under us with that kill. I also think they could use his death as a way to really pit Jon and Danny against each other, which I don’t want to happen but could definitely see happening. Podrick I think might die this next episode. I don’t think he really has a part to play anymore and while I like him and  his glow-up, I’m thinking they could really hit us all in the feels with that death and so they might just do it.

I’m not saying ALL of these people will die. But I do think at least 3 out of the top 5 will and a few ‘hit you in the feels’ support characters will too. I’m hoping Jamie, Arya, and Sam won’t but that would definitely be a huge move by GOT writers and put the fans on their toes so I won’t rule it out. Who do you have on the chopping block to join the Night King? Please, tell me I’m wrong, I really want to be wrong.


  1. don’t think the Hound dies and I’m betting Torrumund sacrifices himself to save Brienne, who then dies


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