The Clock Out Pet of the Week: Belle

Good afternoon everyone, another week in the books. “What’s so good about it?” you may ask. For one, it’s Friday, which means one thing: it’s the Clock Out’s Pet of the Week! On a serious note, it’s been a pleasure thus far hearing from everyone and their pets.

Someone is getting a bath soon

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What’s so great about dumb old Texas?” Well, besides King of the Hill, the Astrodome, Tex-Mex and Branch Davidians, this week’s Pet of the Week hails from the Lone Star State.

Everyone, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the ol’ cow pup herself, Belle. Belle comes to us from longtime writer and friend, Mr. Brian Bisgard. She’s a heeler mix and certified seizure alert/response dog. As an epileptic, Belle helps to alert Brian on the rare instance in which he does have a seizure.

Belle has an interesting story. Brian saw her on Craiglist, which confirms it’s not just for casual encounters and rednecks selling broken junk. I’d venture to say that Belle was the best $50 he ever spent. He picked her up at six weeks old where she lived illegally with him in the dorms for about a month at the university/cult Texas A&M. Belle recently celebrated her 9th birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

The ol’ cowpup has many hobbies, including: fishing, bike rides and pretty much being outside. When I saw “bike rides” I assumed that mean he bikes and she runs. Take a gander below as I cannot get enough of this. She once ate an entire Easter basket filled with chocolate and peeps with zero averse effects. As a heeler, she’s smart as a whip and steals snacks. She then leaves the wrappers out, even if that means she ate the silica packets in the jerky bag (along with the jerky).

This is pretty amazing tbh

Belle also knows how to cross streets. This includes stopping at the intersection and running across the street when given the “all clear”. Belle is not a fan of leashes. I understand this, ours are generally off the leash and never fail to return if another dog or person is in sight as to not have them loose.

Where’d you find that, Belle?

A very special thank you to Brian and Belle for being a part of the Clock Out’s Pet of the Week series. As a final note, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and all your wildest dreams come true.

As always, if you have a pet you’d like to highlight, whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, lizard, snake or what have you, please send me an email at titled, “Pet of the Week” along with some information about your pet, Twitter handle, a few pictures for the article and Twitter. I cannot promise when it will be published, but I will do my very best to bring a new face and story every Friday at noon for your viewing pleasure.

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