How Do You Say Goodbye To A Friend You Just Met?

Every now and then, life brings along something new into our own little corner of the world. Much of the day to day is mundane, repetitive, routine. So, when something new comes along, it brings a fresh perspective. About 6 months ago, I met a new friend. Since then, life has just been, for the lack of a more eloquent term, better.

I’d been working on big assignment in the bustling metropolis of Lawrence, MA. I was away from home. I was away from my wife. I had no friends to keep my company in the off hours. I was lonely. But then one day, I met this friend. For a couple of weeks, we’d see each other in passing. A couple of minutes in the morning at the hotel we were both staying at and then a few minutes at night when I’d get back to that same hotel after a long day. One day, I finally decided to introduce myself. From that point on, we have clicked.

I told my wife about my new pal. We like the same activities, have the same interests, same taste when it comes to food, and laugh at the same stupid nonsense. She sighed and rolled her eyes because she knew what that meant. One of me is hard enough to handle, how could she handle two? Plus, she knows how me and my other buddies are when we all get together; borderline unbearable when we all get going after a few cold ones. This new friend meant another thing vying for my attention. But she’s a trooper and knew how much they meant to me so has welcomed them with open arms just the same. It’s been an awesome few months and we’ve groomed our relationship into a true, authentic friendship built on mutual respect and brotherly love.

However, summer is coming. And that means this friend must go. You see, this friend’s job takes them away for the three months out of the year it is actually warm in this part of the country. I kind of knew this was coming but it isn’t making it any easier. I feel like I am back in college, bidding farewell to all my buddies the first week of May as soon as finals end. I’d hope to see them again come September/October or whenever flannels come back in style, but you never know. I say this because the one thing I don’t like about us together it that it always seems like a one-way street. I am always putting in way more effort than they are. It’s a lot of sacrifice to maintain that. I don’t trust we’d make it if I just sat there idly and let things go. So, for now, I will take this time to look back and re-evaluate.

For now, I say goodbye. Goodbye, my beard. It’s been a good run. I’ll think of you in the heat of July when I’m out on the lake, casting a rod with an ice-cold latte in the cup holder. When I am at my happiest, I’ll look back on us and smile.  I’ll think of all the time we spent together, all the pictures we took together, all the times I didn’t carded because of you. You’ve been a good friend, but you’ve gotta go. I don’t think my wife recognizes me without you anymore, so we need a break. It is time to say farewell. Goodbye for now. I’ll see ya when I see ya.


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