Things My Students Said To Me: Spring Broken Edition

“Do all animals have a butt?”

If you want to be asked a question just like this every day, I would like to welcome you into Miss Mackay’s classroom!  Every day is an adventure. Every day is a new opportunity. Every day, I usually take Advil. But nonetheless, I love my students very much.  We have just come back from spring break, and while we are winding the school year down, the hits… they just don’t stop! Here are some topics and discussions that have come up recently, as well as some questions that I’ve been asked recently:

We have been talking about shapes and angles, and items that we see in our everyday lives that certain shapes.

Sara: “A stop sign is an octagon.”

Me: “Wow, that’s a great example! Can we think of any other shapes that we see in real life? Yes, Mary?”

Mary: “I know what looks like a triangle! Jimmy’s head!”

*Everyone turns and looks at Jimmy, nodding their head.

Jimmy, shrugging: “It’s true.”

We’re just beginning to understand time:

Sara: “Miss Mackay, when is Taco Tuesday?”

We’ve been practicing our money skills. The best way to do this is to apply a real-life situation:

Me: “I really want to buy a gumball that’s 25 cents.  Can you think of one way that I can make 25 cents?

Julie: “A quarter!”

Me: “That’s correct, but I just looked in my purse and I don’t have a quarter.  Can you think of another way I can make 25 cents?”

Julie, who is thinking about it, a little unsure of herself: “… two dimes… and… a nickel?”

Me: “That’s also correct! But guess what, I don’t have those coins either.  Can you think of another way I can make 25 cents?”

Julie, who is now getting upset, kind of tearing up: “Just how badly do you want that gum?!?!”

You’re never too young for career #goals:

Billy:  “I’m going to be a scientist one day.”

Me: “Awesome!”

Billy: “I’m going to make a car that runs on farts because it’s gas!”

We watched a video on taxes (gotta start learning about ‘em some time!) and practiced adding a tax to items in our classroom store.  When I was working with one group, I had a small group of boys approach me, urging each other to ask me something:

Me: “Alright, someone just ask me…”

Jimmy: “…Is our classroom store Duty-free?”

The entire class, at multiple times: “Oooooo, HE SAID DOODY!”

We are a curious bunch:

Sara: “Is it Taco Tuesday?”

The children are helpful:

Me: “Sam, will you bring this to Mrs. So-N-So, down the hall?”

Sam: “Sure. Is that the fat lady?”

(My coworker is pregnant.)

Sometimes there are moments of peace in my classroom.  I have a great class, who are very respectful of their peers when they need to settle down and work, but just like any other class, we can get a bit distracted:

Christy: “Miss Mackay, there’s a tooth under my desk.”

Tommy, from across the room: “Oh, that’s mine.”

These kids love to dish out the compliments to one another, and even me:

Mary: “Wow, your hair looks really nice today, Miss Mackay.”

Me: “Oh, thank you, Mary.”

Mary: “Yeah, you must have brushed it or something.”

We have hopes and dreams:

Lizzy: “I want to grow a beard one day.”

Tommy gasps:“You can’t drink beer!”

Lizzy: “I said ‘beard!’”

Tommy: “Ohhh.” (Pause, pause, pause.) “Okay.”

Time is a flat circle:

Sara: “Is today Taco Tuesday?”


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