Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Server Slip-Ups and Stupid Spikes

If you’re a woman, you probably had a bad weekend because the government is all up in your uterus. If you’re a man, you probably had a bad weekend because every woman you know is mad that the government is all up her uterus. And while none of the below is as serious as having the government all up in your uterus, these people still had a pretty bad weekend.

This Server

Any of us that have ever worked in food service have made a mistake. Brought the wrong beer, entered in the wrong entrée. But whatever mistake we made, it probably wasn’t a $6,000 one.

A server at the Manchester, England, branch of steak chain Hawksmoor accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle of wine when a customer ordered Bordeaux. Problem was, the customer ordered a $335 2001 Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, but was given Château Le Pin, Pomerol, 2001 valued at $5,800.

Luckily for the server, the restaurant took it in stride:

Phew. [Via CNN]

Patrick Allen Spikes

At any given time, it’s a pretty tight race for “Florida’s Stupidest Criminal,” but Mr. Spikes is certainly in the running.

Spikes, a former Disney World employee, was arrested this week after he posted pictures of items he had stolen from the theme park online in an effort to sell them. Included in his haul: “Buzzy,” a character missing from the “Cranium Command” attraction at Epcot; stolen Disney wigs, skirts and jackets; and costumes from Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion.

Spikes had already made about $30,000 from the loot; however, one of the buyers returned 18 items to Disney – so I guess not everyone in the world is a horrible person. [Via New York Post]

This Guy

If you are going to pick a celeb to attack, you should probably pick one who didn’t used to be a professional bodybuilder.

Everyone’s favorite former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was attending his Arnold Classic Africa in Johannesburg when a crazed fan yelled “Help me! I need a Lamborghini!” and then attempted to drop-kick the Terminator between the shoulder blades. Of course, someone got it on video:

The man fell to the floor after the kick and was quickly rounded up by security. Arnold took to Twitter to let fans know he is just fine:

That’s a pretty awesome response, TBH. [Via Page Six]

Dominic Breazeale

I could go into a description of how Deontay Wilder knocked out Dominic Breazeale in first round of Saturday’s heavyweight title bout at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, but instead, I’ll just show you:

Game of Thrones Fans

I have no idea what the hell happened because I don’t watch, but I can guarantee at least 50% of the people that talk incessantly abou

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