Small Victories: Awesome Teacher

It’s Monday clock-watchers and that means we have another week in front of us to either sink or swim. We’re far from the shallows now gang but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a few moments of pure brilliance ahead of you. Do you want to sink like David Dunn in Glass (spoilers?) or do you want to do some sick aerial stunts like Willy in Free Willy? Hell yeah.

Last week I went to Twitter to find some wet stunts people were proud of. Work isn’t the most pleasant place all the time, but when you can pull off something cool it changes your whole week. I wanted to hear from you, the readers, about what kind of dope stuff you’ve been pulling at work.

Thanks to the power of the Internet as well as my natural charm and panache a whopping one person replied to me. But you know what? It’s a real doozy.

Twitter user @tin_tans is a special education teacher for grades K through 4 and my new very best friend. That means she has to adapt on the fly to make learning comprehensive for people with various disabilities. One of her students is visually impaired which, according to Montana, makes working in a two-dimensional space difficult.

Montana said f that s and dropped a kinesthetic learning bomb to help her kiddos play in the space better.

Wax sticks, suckers. Shout out all the pear.

Here’s her explanation for why it works and why she’s proud of it.

As you know, we at The Clock Out are very pro-teacher. We think they should have rights and everything. What’s particularly cool is when we can see a teacher change a medium for a kid in a major way. Whether that’s something as general as making reading fun or something way more specific such as helping a kid with a visual impairment work in space, those little victories lay a foundation that could last someone the rest of their lives.

If you have a small victory you’d like to share, hop on over to @DJCrimeDawg on Twitter. You can hit the DM’s or just @ me and we’ll share your big dubs with the wide world.


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