This Week in Ridiculous Holidays: May 20th – May 27th

We are seemingly short on holidays this week; likely because we are heading into Memorial Day, so the holiday makers wanted to give us some time to rest up for the big start of summer. But today is National Rescue Dog Day, so I want to see all your pups on the Twitter machine.

Monday, May 20th

National Be a Millionaire Day

I didn’t know I could just “be” a millionaire. Let’s make that happen.

National Quiche Lorraine Day


National Pick Strawberries Day


National Rescue Dog Day

Post pictures of your pup on Twitter and tag me. Please.

Tuesday, May 21st

National American Red Cross Founder’s Day

Shout out to Clara Barton!

National Waitstaff Day

Tip well and tip often.

National Strawberries and Cream Day

Strawberries and whipped cream? The perfect dessert.

National Memo Day

I’m sure that legal will send a memo about it.

Wednesday, May 22nd

National Craft Distillery Day

Would make more sense for this to be on Saturday…

World Paloma Day

Recipe for a paloma, the national drink of Mexico:

2 oz Tequila

1⁄2 oz fresh lime juice

Grapefruit soda, to top

Garnish – lime wedge or grapefruit wedge

Add tequila and lime juice to a highball glass filled with ice.

Fill with grapefruit soda and stir briefly.

I don’t know what grapefruit soda is, but that sounds delish.

National Maritime Day

I love me a good boat.

National Solitaire Day

I occasionally still play this with real cards. Old school.

National Buy a Musical Instrument Day

As long as you aren’t my neighbor, go for it!

National Vanilla Pudding Day

I prefer chocolate, but it will do in a pinch.

Emergency Medical Services for Children Day

I mean, I want to save the children, but what about the rest of us?

Thursday, May 23rd

National Lucky Penny Day

I’ll take all the luck I can get.

National Taffy Day

Got to say, I’m not a huge fan.

Friday, May 24th

National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

Yay for the people that keep me from dying in a fiery plane crash!!!

Brother’s Day

Ugh, another sibling day?

National Scavenger Hunt Day

Remember when a scavenger hunt was actually a list of items you had to get, not just take pictures of?

National Escargot Day

No thanks!

National Wyoming Day 

Did you know that Wyoming is the least populous state in the union? Neither did I. Thanks Wikopedia!

National Don’t Fry Day 

As in get a sunburn or eat French fries? One is fine, the other is impossible.

Saturday, May 25th

National Missing Children’s Day

424,066 reports of missing children were made to law enforcement in the US in 2018. Make a donation to the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children to help bring them home.

National Tap Dance Day

Can’t do it, respect the talent of people that can.

National Brown-Bag It Day

Wouldn’t it make more sense for this to be a week day?

Towel Day

Pro tip: put your towel on the radiator before you get in the shower – emerge to a toasty towel.

National Wine Day

AKA Instagram hell.

Sunday, May 26th

National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

A dessert so good, it doesn’t have to share it’s day with anyone else.

Monday, May 27th

Happy Memorial Day!

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