The Clock Out Pet of the Week: Carter

Well friends, we made it through another week. Hopefully, you have a quality three day weekend ahead with some reflection on our service members that have given the ultimate sacrifice, friends/family and rest.

Since it is Friday, that also means it’s now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the Clock Out Pet of the Week (you can catch up will all past pets if you wish to). As is tradition, I’ve got a wonderful pet, in this case a happy pupper, to share with you this week.

On today’s episode, I bring to you from the Tarheel State, Carter (available on the ‘gram for your viewing pleasure). Carter comes to us courtesy of his mama Bryce, an avid fan and graduate of my favorite school in North Carolina, GO WOLFPACK! Carter is a two year old black lab mix. He was adopted in September of 2018 by Bryce as a birthday present to herself. Personally, I can think of no better birthday present than a new friend.

Carter wasn’t always the outgoing gentleman he is today. He was underweight and rightfully scared as he had spent the majority of his short life on a chain. I have no idea how people can do this to a living animal but that could be it’s own article. Bryce noticed him at an adoption event and approached him, gave him some chin rubs and he put his paw on her, effectively adopting her. Hopefully that warms your heart like it did mine.


Unfortunately for Carter, there is a thing as being “too happy”. Due to said happiness of finally having a real home of his own, Carter was constantly wagging. In fact, he was wagging so much, that he split his wigglebutt tail open. Anyone that has met a lab or been on the receiving end of a whippy tail can attest, those things pack some heat. Due to said happiness and the constant wagging, it was impossible for poor Carter to ever fully heal. He has since had a few inches trimmed at vet recommendation and has been happily and safely wagging since.

Today, Carter lives the life he was always meant to. Originally 53 lbs., he’s cultivated some mass up where he is up to 80 lbs. He spends his days chasing squirrels and demanding attention via a “subtle” paw smack reminder that it is time for his love and undivided attention. It must be a lab thing as my dog that looks quite similar does the same thing. He loves snuggles, playing with his best friend Oliver and his toy alligator that is a tripod and no tail thanks to said best friend Oliver.

Carter and his pal, Oliver, chilling

Finally, I would be remiss to not share the monikers that Carter has picked up over the years. On a personal note, on job applications when they ask what alias’ you go by, I used to pay homage to Dale Gribble, adding that I went by “Rusty Shackleford”. Due to lack of interviews and growing up, I no longer do this but it was funny at the time. Without further ado, Bryce has coined our friend Carter the following:

  • Cartier (when he’s feeling fancy)
  • Cardi (together we are Cardi B)
  • Cartier Bardi
  • Cartier Bardi in the ‘rari (diamonds all over his body)
  • Bubbas
  • Noodle
  • Doodle
  • Doods
  • Burnt Chicken Nugget
“Why hello there!”

I have some openings now so if you’ve been holding off, please send me your pet you’d like to highlight, whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, lizard, snake or what have you, please send me an email at titled, “Pet of the Week” along with some information about your pet, Twitter handle, a few pictures for the article and Twitter. I cannot promise when it will be published, but I will do my very best to bring a new face and story every Friday at noon for your viewing pleasure.

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