Five People That Had A Worse Memorial Day Weekend Than You: Sick Tourists and Sound Issues

What’s better than a long weekend? Well, probably one during which I didn’t get poison ivy on my ankles, but honestly, I can’t even complain about that when I also finally got some decent color on my hideously pasty face. But not everyone was lucky enough to have quite as good of a weekend as I did.

Spice Girls’ Concert Goers

You’d think if you were giving your first concert in seven years, you’d make sure the sound was working correctly, but it was apparently not a priority for the Spice Girls as they kicked off their reunion tour in Dublin.

According to CNN, the sound (which were seemingly fine for open for opening act Jess Glynn) was apparently so bad that fans started to simply leave the show. And with tickets starting at around $100.00 for standing room, that’s a pretty costly night out to hear no music. [Via CNN]

Kid Ink

You may think that Kid Ink had a bad weekend since he hasn’t had a hit since that song in 2015 with Fifth Harmony, but it’s actually that the dude got robbed this weekend, big time.

When the rapper arrived home to his L.A. home on Thursday night, he found that it had been burglarized, with luggage strewn all over the lawn and over $200k of purses and jewelry stolen from inside. Of course, Kid Ink may be sort of responsible…since the robbers entered the house through an unlocked back door. Woof. [Via TMZ]

Hawaiian Tourists

You go to Hawaii for sand, sun, and maybe some hula, but if you are currently vacationing in the state you may get something you didn’t bargain for: rat lungworm disease.

The rare infection, that can cause intense headaches and neck stiffness, has recently been confirmed in three new victims this week, all of whom were visitors to “Big Island,” the main the island of the state. According to the Hawaii Health Department “the disease spreads from rodents to snails, slugs and other animals, including frogs, through the rodents’ poop. And humans can pick up the infection by eating raw food with infected snails or slugs.”

So it’s cool to go to Hawaii, but maybe just don’t eat anything? [Via NY Daily News]

Red Sox Fans

There are few athletes as beloved in Boston as Dustin Pedroia. The beloved second baseman is often overshadowed by some of our more famous sportmen, such as Brady or Ortiz, but if you are a true Boston fan, you love Pedroia more than some of your family members, and the news that he may not play again is quite devastating.

Pedroia has been rehabbing an injured knee and responded “I’m not sure” when asked if he’ll be able to play again. He, in speaking to Ian Browne of, added “The last game I played, the pain was kind of to the point I had to tell the trainer I had to come out. It was a tough day. Next day, I woke up and it wasn’t any better. It’s to a point now where my knee is not allowing me to play every day.”

He continues rehab but the prognosis is not great. Ugh. [Via Bleacher Report]

Me or the St. Louis Blues

Full disclosure: I am writing this on Monday night because I have an early appointment tomorrow, so the outcome of the 1st Stanley Cup game tonight is still TBD. Come tomorrow morning, either I will have ended my weekend on a crappy note with a Bruins loss, or the St. Louis Blues will be licking their wounds after a Bruins win. Here’s hoping for the latter.

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