The Clock Out Pet of the Week: Maddie

Ever have one of those weeks that feels like it takes forever? That’s this week in a nutshell. Thankfully, we all survived another week. That’s great news because I have another great puppper to share with you on our Pet of the Week series (check out the prior weeks if you want…you don’t have to…just saying it’s there…)

Hailing from the Palmetto state, we have Maddie. Maddie’s dad is our friend Carey aka LakeHouse_Dreaming on the Clock Out. You should follow him if you don’t already. As an aside, Carolina lake house’s are amazing. My old college roommate lives on an old plantation he bought up and fixed and sends me snaps of his lake adventures. South Carolina is a beautiful state.

Maddie is a Boykin Spaniel. As like many spaniels, Maddie loves to fetch. Spaniel’s have some of my favorite ears to pet and I’ve never met one that wasn’t the friendliest dog.

True to her roots, Maddie also loves swimming, fishing and boating. The lake is her element. When not in the water, she’s giving geese the business. Although she’s getting older, like a fine wine, Maddie gets better. Also, nap times are kind of her thing too.

She’s recently acquired herself a cousin (pictured below). After an initial stage of unfamiliarity and uncertainty, Maddie’s warmed up.Remember those older dog naps I mentioned? The two are now nap buddies, which is big news in the dog world.

There’s a special bond between man and his (or her but in this case, his) dog. It’s evident that Maddie means the world to Carey. We’d like to thank them both for being with us and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Send me your dang pets my friends. We would love to highlight them, whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, lizard, snake or what have you, please send me an email at titled, “Pet of the Week” along with some information about your pet, Twitter handle, a few pictures for the article and Twitter. I cannot promise when it will be published, but I will do my very best to bring a new face and story every Friday at noon for your viewing pleasure.


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