Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Bullying, Bad Box Office, and The Blues

It was a beautiful weekend here in Massachusetts, so I can’t really complain. Not that I did a whole lot outside, mind you – more like stayed inside with all of the windows open. I napped, I read, I shopped – all of my favorite things. But while I was relaxing, some people had a pretty crappy weekend.

Nicole Curran

We all know the BeyHive is vicious to anyone that crosses – or is perceived to have crossed – Queen Bey. The latest person to find that out is Ms. Curran, the wife of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob.

The whole thing started when Nicole leaned across Beyoncé to speak with Jay-Z at the Warriors game last week and fans noted what they supposed to be Bey giving her “side eye.” The Hive went insane, attacking Nicole online to the point where she deactivated all of her social accounts due to the cyber bullying, which included death threats.

To stop the craziness, Bey’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, took to Instagram to remind the Hive not to sprew hate in the goddess’ name.

I love Beyoncé as much as the next person, but seriously…chill the hell out. [Via TMZ]

Dark Phoenix

Another weekend, another movie bomb. This time it’s the swan song of the X-Men franchise.

Dark Phoenix bombs at the box office during its opening weekend by making only $33 million in the U.S., despite a $200 million budget. it wasn’t actually a surprise; according to ScreenRant,

“The film received universally poor reviews, with many critics taking issue with aspects like poorly developed character arcs and a weak story. Because the word-of-mouth was so negative, projections indicated Dark Phoenix would have the lowest debut of any X-Men film to date. That turned out to be the case, and things were worse than initially expected.”

Not the best way to end a franchise. [Via ScreenRant]

Le’Veon Bell

If you can’t trust your girlfriends alone in your house, who can you trust? That’s the question the running back must be asking himself after he was robbed of over $500,000 in jewelry.

According to Bell, he left two women at his Hollywood, FL house and headed to the gym, and when he returned, the women were gone, along with items including two gold Cuban link chains with diamonds, a gold chain with a black panther pendant which contained black and white diamonds, a rose gold Rolex presidential watch and a two tone rose gold and white gold Cuban link bracelet.

Of course, the other result of this story is everyone learning that Bell has two girlfriends, so it’s not all bed. [Via CNN]

Jessica Eye

I don’t know much about MMA but I do know that this looks like it hurt:

The women’s flyweight title bout between Valentina Shevchenko and Jessica Eye was the co-main event of Saturday’s UFC 238 show at United Center in Chicago. Shevchenko was a 14-1 favorite heading into her defense of women’s flyweight title, and she dominated, with the end came at the 0:26 mark of the second round with that vicious kick to Eye’s head that knocked her out cold.

Ok, I know this probably isn’t the place – but shouldn’t we all be concerned about brain damage here? I mean, seriously. [Via USA Today]

Either Me or The St. Louis Blues

I am writing this Sunday night during Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals so only one of these entities are happy this morning: me because the Blues lost in their house and it’s back to Boston for Game Seven or The Blues because they won the Stanley Cup at home. If it’s the former, you are best served not to try and speak to me today.

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