6 Questions I have for My Dog When I Go Out of Town

I don’t think anyone actually likes coming home from a long weekend. No matter who you are or what you’re coming home too chances are you’re 1. Hungover and 2. Have work tomorrow. This beautiful combination usually makes for some serious Sunday Scaries and a general disdain for your return home. However, as any dog owner knows, it can be more bittersweet than just straight up bitter given that you have a floppy-tongued, bright-eyed fluffer to come home to.

This was the case for me this past weekend. The SO and I had spent a much deserved weekend away with friends being complete degenerates. We typically don’t spend a lot of weekends away as we prefer to save money, be semi-responsible (and do our drinking at home), and spend time with our much loved pup. However, we’ve spent the last two months searching for a house to rent and moving from our apartment into this lovely new house, and while we love the new place, it’s been stressful and all-consuming. This weekend away was the perfect way to reward ourselves for 2 months of being focused, responsible adults.

We had a great time, even with the rain, however, I couldn’t help but feel bad upon returning home. The level of excitement from our pup upon us returning showed just how much he’d really missed us. It only broke my heart a little. What did this poor dog think was happening when we were gone for two whole days? Did he think we abandoned him? These are the real questions I have for my best friend after being gone for a weekend:

1. Do you think we abandoned you?

This is the obvious one but also the most important one to me. Does he know we’ll be back or is he just sitting at home thinking we up and left him? This especially weighs on me as well having adopted a rescue dog…

2. Do you watch for us?

You’ll sometimes see your dog at the window watching a bird or investigating a foreign noise but do they sit and look out the window when you’re gone trying to watch you come back?

3. Do you think your aunt is your new mom?

We’re lucky enough to where my sister is able to stay with and watch our dog when we go out of town in exchange for Chipotle and being a weekend dog owner (she really wants her own dog but is still in school so it works out). But my real question is, since she’s the one providing the kibble, do you think she’s your new dog mom? (Honestly it’s probably better I can’t get this answer or I’d probably burst into tears and never leave the house again.)

4. Where do you think we are?

I suppose this one isn’t just for long weekends but for anytime we leave the house. Do they think we’re at the park without them? Are they worried we’re petting other dogs? Are they jealous that we get a car ride and they don’t?

5. How much time do you think has passed when we’re gone?

Obviously dog years are a thing in terms of how dogs age. But does it feel like forever when we’re gone? Does a weekend feel like an eternity?

6. What are you thinking when we get back?

Are you just excited that we’re home or are you a little bit salty that we left you for so long? What if we bring you a cookie? Still mad?

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