Feel Good Friday: Bedtime Playtime

It’s amazing how things completely reverse themselves as you grow up. As an adult, being “stuck” in bed all day seems like the ultimate gift, but if you’re a kid, particularly one in a hospital, it can totally suck. But luckily for sick kids everywhere, Charlotte, N.C. resident Kevin Gatlin has come up with a solution to the boring blandness of your average hospital room.

Gatlin was visiting a friend’s child in the his hospital when he recalled his own childhood experience. “I was in the hospital for about a week and I was bored to death,” Gatlin said. Toys and such can oftentimes be prohibited or cumbersome in a hospital room, so Gatlin started thinking – what if the hospital bed itself could be a toy for those kids? With input from his mom (a teacher) and his wife, Gatlin created Playtime Edventures, a company that creates sheets, pillowcases, and sleeping bags with things as word find puzzles right on them, making it easy for kids to play on their beds, whether they be in the hospital, a shelter or even in their own room at home.

Playtime Edventures is a for-profit business (dude needs to pay his bills, after all), but Gatlin also donates items to hospitals and women’s shelters and encourages people to adopt similar organizations themselves via the Playtime Edventures website.

What a cool – and useful – gift for your friends that keep popping out kids. Just be sure to order and extra set for a kid in need, okay?

[Via NewsWest9]

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