A Thank You Letter to The Hills

I’m writing this from the comfort of my couch in the midst of a 5 hour binge session of a quality reality TV show that spanned from the end of my high school career throughout my time at college. Yes, I am unashamedly reliving my youth through the magic of MTV and a little show called The Hills.

This guilty pleasure that I would hurry home from my waitressing gig every Monday night to watch is having a revival as The Hills: New Beginnings starts tonight with several of our favorite faces and a few new ones added to the mix. So what better time than now to pen a thank you letter to what I probably used to consider my favorite show?

Dear The Hills,

Thank you for taking my favorite characters from Laguna Beach and letting me watch them grow beyond the rambunctious high school kids with wardrobes and drama I could only dream of. To say that I was jealous of their antics would be an understatement considering my calm, Midwestern high school life, and it made me happy to go to college at the same time that they were also leaving their teenage years behind.

Thank you for showcasing the ups and downs of “adult” dating that, although much more glamorous than the typical love lives of my friends and I, still had lots of lessons to teach us. From cheating boys to controlling boyfriends, you gave us glimpses of everything a girl in her early 20’s needed to avoid while reminding us that your relationships with your girlfriends are equally as important.

Speaking of female friendships, thank you for the real or not sagas of a group of girls struggling to figure out adulthood including the importance of trust and having each other’s backs. It wasn’t until years after the show ended that I experienced my own Lauren/Heidi escapade (minus the implications of a sex tape, thank you very much), but I felt some comfort that I wasn’t alone in this type of situation even if I originally saw it on TV.  

Thank you for documenting the horrible fashion of the late 2000’s that we all fawned over with reckless abandon. I wanted so badly to embrace the Lauren Conrad headband-a-day style and TBH watching it all back, I’m glad I didn’t take things too far. Although I didn’t escape the flared jeans, tube tops, and over-sized sunglasses.

Thank you for giving me and my friends dumb quotes that we continue to use to this day even though it’s not cool to quote a ten year old show. I’m sure re-watching the early seasons on DVD in my first apartment after college when we couldn’t even afford cable didn’t help, but I’m not mad about it. “Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach!”

Thank you for providing me with unrealistic expectations about vacations, jobs, cars, houses, and what the life of a young adult could be. Oh, and how pretty someone could be when they cry. It’s good to have dreams, right? Fake or not, I wanted the private jet trips to Cabo, the Mercedes convertible with constant valet service, and to plan parties for Teen Vogue. Is that really too much to ask?? *sigh*

Thank you for being a random thing my boyfriend and I have in common. We both loved the show (him mainly for the hot girls) and have been watching reruns together, and recently played a mini round of Fuck, Marry, Kill with The Hills cast members. In case you were wondering, we 100% agree on the girls and it goes: Audrina, Whitney, Stephanie.

For all this and more, thank you, The Hills, for being delightful, wonderful entertainment, with a great/terrible theme song, and for returning to my life and my television screen. My DVR is set and my body is ready.

Love, Laura

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