Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Lohan, Lottery and Lots of Bieber

It’s been a lovely weekend here in Massachusetts and I actually went outside! That’s big doings for someone like me, who is an indoorsy creature. But even though my allergies raged, I actually spent some time outside soaking up the finally-appearing sun. While it wasn’t super exciting, it was better than these people’s weekends.


After a cold and rainy spring here in Massachusetts, it seems as though summer has finally arrived with temps in the 80s and plenty of sun. Not so much the case in Colorado.

The Centennial State celebrated the start of summer with almost two feet of snow. Both Steamboat Springs and Breckenridge saw significant amounts of snow.

And less you think this is normal for a state known for skiing, the last time the city saw snow this late was on June 17, 1928. Happy Summer! [Via CNN]

Richard Zelasko

People always seem to come out the woodwork when you win the lottery, but rarely does the court order than you have to pay them. Unfortunately for Mr. Zelasko, that’s exactly what happened.

Richard and his wife, Mary, where in the process of divorcing when he won $80 million in Mega Millions in 2013. They had been separated for 2 years at that time, but their divorce wasn’t finalized until 2018. The former Mrs. Zelasko argued that the winnings were part of the martial assets and last week, an arbitrator agreed, giving her $15,000,000 of Mr.Zelasko’s take home of $38,873,628.

Now, before you feel too bad for Richard – let’s take into account that despite his winnings, Zelasko hadn’t contributed to the support of the couple’s three children. So…..yeah, tough nuggets, Richard. [Via Newsweek]

Tiffani Adams

Air travel is rarely a joy, but is often a nightmare. Ms. Adams actually had a waking one when she fell asleep on an Air Canada flight from Quebec to Toronto. I’ll let her story speak for itself:

Honestly, I don’t understand how anyone sleeps that deeply on a plane but I also don’t understand how a flight crew misses a sleeping person on a plane so it’s a draw. [Via NY Post]

Lindsay Lohan (And Her Beach House)

Did you have plans to visit Lindsay Lohan’s beach house in Mykonos? Well, they are cancelled – just like Lohan’s show on MTV.

According to visitors who have posted pictures online, the scene of Lohan’s club is a complete ghost town, with the “iconic” (not my word) succulent sign out front stripped and not a beach lounger to be found.

What happened is up for debate – Lohan claims she made the decision to not do a second season of the show, while other sources claim MTV pulled the plug. Either way, Lohan is allegedly opening another club in Athens, but personally, I wouldn’t make reservations too far out. [Via TMZ]

Scooter Braun

It’s your birthday and one of your clients is Justin Bieber, who is worth an estimated $265 million. So what’s your birthday gift going to be? A Maserati? Some piece of very expensive bling? Well, if you are Braun, the Bieb’s manager, the answer is…a shirtless photo of the pop singer.

According to Page Six, “In the pic, Bieber shows off his half-naked tattooed body as he stuffs one hand down his Calvin Klein undies and the other in his jean pocket. Luckily, the “Love Yourself” singer didn’t appear to be too chilly with a beanie atop his head. The masterpiece was captioned, “Happy Birthday Scooter. You’re welcome I’m awesome.””

Well, whatever other party guests, who included Usher, Katy Perry and Ashton Kutcher, gave the birthday boy had to be better than that. [Via Page Six]

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