11 Ideas To Make Tonight’s Democratic Debate Better Than Last Night’s

Well, there’s two hours of my life I can’t get back. From Amy Klobuchar clapping back at Jay Inslee about his claim that he “only candidate” onstage who has signed a law protecting women’s rights to abortion (ICYMI: “I just want to say there’s three women up here that have fought pretty hard for a women’s right to choose, I’ll start with that.”) to the idea machine that is Elizabeth Warren, there were great some moments…peppered in between a bunch of dudes yelling at each other while women patiently waited their turn (like almost every work meeting I’ve ever been in!)

Before we get to how to fix the issues with last night’s debate, my quick takes:

Winners: Warren, Castro, Booker

Losers: O’Rourke (what happened to you?), de Blasio (way to pimp our your kid and your dad), Delaney (Rachel Maddow even wants you to shut up), Inslee (we get it, you did shit in Washington state)

Neutral because we almost forgot you were there: Klobuchar (despite the above clapback), Ryan (who?), Gabbard (she dropped some fire re: Afghanistan, but I can’t get past the LGTBQ issues with her)

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s get to some ways that the folks over at NBC can stop tonight’s debate from feeling like a episode of The Bachelor that goes 45 minutes too long.

13. The candidates should have to write their name Jeopardy-style on their podiums, A) so I know who they are and B) so I can see if any of them write like a serial killer.

Image result for jeopardy name podium gif

12. Also, all candidates should have their pet on stage with them. Anyone that shows up with a bird is immediately asked to leave.

Image result for no birds gif

11. All Savannah Guthrie, all the time. No other moderators, ever. If she has to pee, Rachel Maddow may step in for a short period of time.

Image result for savannah guthrie gif

10. If you speak without being called on, you should be removed from the debate stage, Ellen’s Game Of Games style.

Image result for ellen's game of games drop gif

9. Similarly, anyone who gives a stupid answer (or does not actually answer the question that was asked) gets slimed, Nickelodeon-style.

Image result for nickelodeon slime gif

8. No one is allowed to speak Spanish. Or any other language. It’s pandering and it’s annoying as fuck.

Image result for no habla espanol gif

7. Also, no one is allowed to mention Donald Trump. I don’t want to hear about him, I want to hear about you.

Image result for donald trump boring gif

6. Every 30 minutes, the audience gets to vote and the lowest vote getter has to sit down and shut up. If they can’t contain themselves, ball gags will be used.

Image result for sit down and shut up gif

5. It’s Miami. The fact that Pitbull isn’t the opening act is bullshit.

Image result for Pitbull miami gif

4. All candidates should wear NASCAR-style suits with the logos of their biggest donors.

Image result for ricky bobby gif

3. The ten candidates from Wednesday should have a live chat during Thursday’s debate and one of them should “accidentally” invite the whole internet. You know they’d be talking shit.

Image result for talk s hit gif

2. New question: “If you weren’t running, who on this stage would you pick to be president and why?” Watch heads explode.

Image result for head explode gif

1. Closing statements must include your best dad joke. It worked for that guy.

Image result for dad joke gif

Any other ideas? Drop ‘em in the comments.


  1. I love your #2!!!! Presidents typically ask that question when interviewing judges and/or experienced appellate attorneys for a SCOTUS nomination. Elena Kagan was always spoken highly of during interviews in the mid 2000s and Gorsuch was spoken highly of during the 2016 process. It really helps you figure out who is respected in the community.


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