Feel Good Friday: Gritty Does Good

I think we can all agree: Gritty, the mascot of the woefully bad Philadelphia Flyers, is creepy AF. I mean seriously, what the hell is he even supposed to be? He looks like a Muppet on meth:

But I’m not here to rag on Gritty, as easy as it is. I’m actually here to talk about a really cool thing he did this week.

Flyers 7-year-old superfan Caiden O’Rourke received a custom Gritty-themed prosthetic leg at Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia earlier this week. According to the hospital, Caiden was born with ectrodactyly, a bone deformity that means he’s missing some bones and digits on his hands and feet, and amniotic band syndrome, which resulted in the amputation of his lower right leg in the womb.

As he grows, Caiden regularly needs new prostheses, and asks for them to be decorated with the logos of the local teams. When Gritty heard about Caiden’s request for a Gritty-themed left prosthetic, he decided he’d do more than lend his image to the leg – he showed up, with two Flyers cheerleaders in tow, to Caiden’s fitting. He gave the young boy, who plays baseball and hockey, a custom Flyers jersey and some other goodies.

Caiden turns 8 next week, and I have a feeling I know what he’ll be wearing to his birthday party. Not bad, Gritty, not bad. You still weird me out, but a little less now.

[Via CNN/ABC6]

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