Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Sunburns and The Modern Day Hamburglar

It was a hot and humid weekend in Massachusetts, which means that I spent most of the weekend inside the house, hiding in the air conditioning with the kittens and watching hours upon hours of Live P.D. It may not seem that exciting, but frankly, that was ok with me. Boring means nothing bad happened…unlike these people.

Stephanie Grisham

Listen, I don’t have much sympathy for anyone that takes a job in the Trump administration. Sort of like, you should know what you are signing up for, right? But she probably didn’t expect that she’d get roughed up – literally anyway – by North Koreans.

In the craziness that was Trump’s quick visit to North Korea on Saturday, Grisham received bruises when she got caught in the middle of a scuffle between U.S. reporters and North Korean security officials as the reporter tried to enter the room where Trump and Kim were meeting. According to USAToday, ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl reported that Grisham “was not having it” when the North Korean security officials tried to block the U.S. reporters, “physically clearing the way for the WH press pool by elbowing and pushing aside a security guard.”

Well, at least one member of the administration is pro-press? [Via USAToday]

Chris Pratt

All of us have fallen asleep in the sun and gotten a bad burn. So we can all sympathize with Chris Pratt right now:

The burn comes courtesy of Pratt’s trip to the Hawaiian of Lanai to celebrate his recent marriage as well as his 40th birthday.

On the flip side…it was a good weekend for the rest of us because we get a nice shot of Pratt’s fine fine ass. [Via Yahoo]

Patrick Benson

In a story to come out of *gasp*Florida*gasp,* we have a “modern day Hamburglar.”

Patrick Benson, 34, was arrested Saturday and charged with burglary, grand theft and attempted burglary after he broke into a Wendy’s in Jensen Beach and grabbed the safe. However, video footage also showed Benson making himself a burger before he departed with the goods.

The best part of the story is that this isn’t the first time Benson has done such a thing. According to the sheriff’s office, “The suspect has been successful at forcing his way into two restaurants cooking himself some dinner — then stealing what he can’t consume.”

I’ve got to say, it takes some balls to stick around and make yourself a snack. [Via CNN]

Jim Gosger and Jesse Hudson

On Saturday, the Mets honored their 1969 World Series team before their loss to the Braves. Many of the team’s players were in attendance, including Ed Kranepool, Art Shamsky, Cleon Jones, Jerry Grote, Bud Harrelson, Jerry Koosman, Ron Swoboda, Jim McAndrew, J.C. Martin, Dr. Ron Taylor, Jack DiLauro, Duffy Dyer, Wayne Garrett, Rod Gaspar and Bobby Pfeil. Those players wistfully remembered those who are no longer with us, and were accompanied by a tribute on the videoboard.  Among those players who were remembered were Jim Gosger and Jesse Hudson…who are alive and well.

Whoopsies. The best part if Gosger’s reaction: he posted on Facebook, “Gosger posted about his inclusion in a “dearly departed” video on Facebook, writing “WOW LOOK AT ME I MADE THE BIG BOARD …THANK YOU N.Y. METS FOR BRINGING ME BACK.” From the dead, apparently. [Via New York Daily News]

This Guy

This is why I don’t eat outside.

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