This Week In Ridiculous Holidays: July 8th – July 14th

It’s the week after the 4th of July, and all of a sudden a bunch of good food holidays have come out to play. This was my week to get back on the diet wagon, but maybe next week will be better – I’m not missing mac & cheese day.

Monday, July 8th

National Chocolate with Almonds Day

One of my favorite candy bars is an old school Hershey bar with almonds. I think I’ll celebrate by getting one.

Tuesday, July 9th

National Sugar Cookie Day

Oh, and then I’ll have a sugar cookie on Tuesday. This is shaping up to be a great week.

Wednesday, July 10th

National Clerihew Day

Per Wikipedia: “A clerihew (/ˈklɛrɪhjuː/) is a whimsical, four-line biographical poem invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley. The first line is the name of the poem’s subject, usually a famous person put in an absurd light, or revealing something unknown or spurious about them.” Post yours in the comments below.

National Pina Colada Day

And nowwwwwwwwwwwww I have Jimmy Buffet stuck in my head.

Thursday, July 11th

National Cheer Up The Lonely Day

Please send your cheer up tweets to @jennalcrowley. Thank you.

National Rainier Cherry Day

Still not a fan of cherries.

National Blueberry Muffin Day

I saved a keto blueberry muffin recipe on Facebook a while back. Maybe it’s time to try it…or leave it there with the 1483 recipes I’ll never make.

All American Pet Photo Day

Check out our Pet of The Week for adorbs pet photos.

National Mojito Day

Not my fave. I think it’s the mint.

National 7-Eleven Day

Are there free slurpees?

Friday, July 12th

Paper Bag Day

Or maybe try a reusable bag.

National Simplicity Day

As opposed to “National Make Shit More Complicated Than It Needs To Be” Day?

National Different Colored Eyes Day

I don’t know anyone in real life with different colored eyes, so…celebs with different colored eyes include:

Mila Kunis

Kate Bosworth

Kiefer Sutherland

Henry Cavill

National Pecan Pie Day

My 2nd favorite kind of pie!

Eat Your Jello Day

Why would I eat jello when I can eat pecan pie?!

Collector Car Appreciation Day

I pass a “car show” every Thursday on my way home from work and I swear it’s just an excuse for old dudes to get together in a parking lot and drink. More power to ‘em.

Saturday, July 13th

National Beans ‘N’ Franks Day

I like a good grilled hot dog now and again, but not a fan of beans.

National French Fry Day

Oh, good, now I can have something else with my frank.

National Delaware Day

Fun fact: The Lady Bug is Delaware’s official state bug. Do all states have state bugs? Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 14th

National Mac & Cheese Day

This may be my favorite holiday of the year, after Thanksgiving.

National Nude Day

On mac & cheese day? That seems wrong.

National Grand Marnier Day

Oh, thank god. I’m going to need some booze to be nude after eating mac & cheese.

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