The Clock Out Pet of The Week: Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a rescue from Bangor, ME. When we first got her, she was all knotted and deathly skinny. She was so malnourished and had clearly been on her own for quite a while out in the cold, cruel world.

Mrs. Cush and I rescued her in 2014 and she has made huge improvements since then. I’ll never forget the day we adopted her. I was never much of a cat person, but she melted my heart instantly.

Pumpkin has become quite the fur ball! She enjoys string toys, drinking water out of human cups, long naps, purring super loudly, giving nuzzles to your nose, and the cutest head tucks!

She only wants to play on her own time and largely ignores her more energetic sister, Piper. So she sleeps ALLLLL DAY. She will sleep just about anywhere but thoroughly enjoys dad’s pillow.

Pumpkin is a morning person, just like her dad. When it is time to get up, she will come into the room and merp at you to tell you it is time to play. She can be extremely talkative when she wants to be!

Pumpkin has brought so much love to our lives and the Cush’s are so happy we are able to give her a loving home.


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