Five People That Had a Worse Weekend Than You: Darkness, iDrop, and Drunken Stupidity

So, it was my last weekend before starting my big new job, so I spent the weekend getting ready – ironing my clothes, organizing my new workbag, reading all of the documentation flooding my inbox (I so appreciate a through onboarding process), and trying to get a good night’s sleep before I have to start getting up an “early” hour. But while I was stressing out about being ready, some people definitely had a worse weekend than me.

Jeff Hardy

If you’re a wrestling fan, Jeff Hardy is a familiar name. His act, along with brother Matt as the Hardy Boyz

in the WWE, has made him quite famous. Unfortunately for him, so haven’t his out-of-the-ring antics.

Hardy was arrested this weekend for public intoxication and impairment in Myrtle Beach, S.C. While details of the reasons for the arrest are sketchy, it’s Hardy’s second offense in a little over a year – he was arrested for DWI last March in North Carolina.

Hardy, who is currently rehabbing a knee injury, was released on bond on Saturday. Here’s hoping he can stay out of trouble. [Via TMZ]

Kensli Davis

I don’t know what kind of a 25-year-old want a Moana cake for her birthday, but that’s what Davis was expecting when her mom ordered her birthday cake from a Dairy Queen in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Unfortunately for her, that’s not what she got:

Apparently, the cake maker heard “marijuana” as opposed to “Moana”; According to Davis, “The lady who made my cake was apologetic and offered to make another one. But the first one was so good we weren’t worried about it.”  The real question is: where did the high version of My Little Pony came in? [Via CNN]

J.Lo Fans

Most people heard there was a big blackout in NYC on Saturday night and there were some pretty shitty things that happened, including people getting stuck in elevators and on the subway. But for J.Lo fans, the worst of it had to be what happened to those who had planned to spend the night seeing her show.

J.Lo was about 20 minutes into her show at Madison Square Garden when the power went out, and of course someone captured it on video:

Soon after, the arena was evacuated for security reasons, with the promise of a reschedule from Lopez herself.

Luckily for the fans – they won’t have long to wait, as the show has been rescheduled for tonight. Nice move, J.Lo. [Via Buzzfeed]

Lil Kim Fans

Some other music fans were disappointed this weekend, albeit for different reasons.

Anyone that was waiting to hear from Lil Kim in a variety of interviews she had scheduled was disappointed when her appearances on “Today,” “Access Hollywood” and “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” were cancelled after disputes with the show’s bookers.

According to Lil Kim, “I had a bunch of press set up . . . it’s not going to be happening. She continued,

“One of the reasons it’s not happening is because two of the major outlets wanted to be messy and my publicist and my manager made the executive decision to shut it down,” she said. “At this point, it’s about me. I’m that bitch . . . I refuse to f–king keep doing all these interviews . . . if motherf–kers are not going to respect who I am.”

Um, ok. According to a media source, it was actually the shows that cancelled on her, saying “They set restrictions and parameters on the interview, and no respectable outlet will agree . . . It was a pretty ridiculous list.”

Either way, Lil Kim will have to find a way to promote her VH1 show, “Girls Cruise,” with Chilli from TLC and Mya.  They really will put anything on TV, won’t they? [Via Page Six]

These Jetblue Passengers

Imagine that it’s a Saturday morning, and all you want to do is fly from Newark (why?) to Tampa (double why?) and your flight gets evacuated because of a dumbass prank. Well, if you were on Jetblue Flight 573, you don’t have to imagine.

Right before the flight was due to take off on Saturday around 7:45am, someone aboard the plane sent all his/her fellow passengers with an iPhone, as well as two flight attendants, an image of a suicide vest using iDrop, prompting the pilot to return the plane to the gate as a precaution.

Everyone was deplaned and rescanned; all of the luggage was placed on the tarmac for examination by bomb-sniffing dogs. Nothing was found, and the plane finally departed around 11:30am.

No word on who the iDrop culprit is, but maybe he just really didn’t want to go to Florida – and honestly, who could blame them? [Via DailyMail]

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