Feel Good Friday: Pete The Cat Guy

As you know if you follow me on Twitter (please), I am bonafide cat lady since the arrival of Frank and Phoebe. So this week, I wanted to share the story of Instagram’s Paul the Cat Guy.

Paul Santell  lives in Queens, and one of the things he noticed when he moved there about 5 years ago was how many stray cats were running around his new neighborhood. Paul started to feed the felines and then decided he wanted to do something more.

He decided to take a Trap-Neuter-Return class put on by the ASPCA to learn the technique. According to CNN, during the process, “Cats are trapped and taken to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated. After recovery, the cats are released back where they were found or, if they’re friendly, adopted.” Given that a female cat can have an average of 180 kittens in her lifetime (WHAT?), TNR can help reduce the feral cat population. Doing his part, Paul feeds the cats during the week and traps on the weekends, in addition to a full-time union job. Crazy right?

He’s taken to social media to spread the word about his efforts, posting the moniker under “Paul The Cat Guy.” He both posts about cats that are available for adoption as well as takes requests for help in other neighborhoods.

Talking to CNN about his work, Paul says, “A lot of times people ask me, ‘Do you love cats? What I like to do more than anything is to save lives. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

I imagine it is. [Via CNN]

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