Must Haves for Top Gun: Maverick

In case you are living under a rock, the trailer for the new Top Gun movie came out yesterday.

34 years after the release of the original Top Gun, Paramount plans to release Top Gun: Maverick in the summer of 2020. 34 long ass years the world has waited. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise is out there looking like it’s only been 20. I want whatever anti-aging cream that dude is using even if it means joining the church of scientology.

I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t document the list of things I want to see come out of this movie. So, here is my list of must haves in this upcoming film.

  1. I want to find out Goose’s son joined the Navy and that he is somehow involved in the Top Gun program in the present day.
  2. Kelly Ann McGillis passed away after her and Maverick had a kid. Jennifer Connelly looks to be replacing Charlie as Mav’s love interest and I just can’t stand the thought of Charlie and Mav fizzling out and their relationship failing for any reason other than death. I understand she maybe has not aged as well as Mr. Cruise, and that it wouldn’t be a Top Gun movie without the film dripping in sex appeal but come on.
  3. John Hamm’s character and Maverick need to get in a fist fight after Hamm makes some comment about Goose being dead. I don’t care who wins.
  4. No less than 6 dog fight scenes. I am imagining some flashbacks to the original Top Gun will be incorporated but apparently Mav has shot down a few planes in his day since he graduated Top Gun so hopefully, they show some flashbacks to those fights. We also need some hot action while he works with the new recruits. With today’s filming technology, this could be very, VERY good entertainment.
  5. Another shirtless volleyball scene. No need to expound.
  6. Iceman makes an appearance. Everyone needs more Val Kilmer in their life.
  7. Mav retires at the end. Apparently, Mav is still just a captain after 30 years for some reason I am betting the movie will explain. Don’t promote him, don’t drag this story out. Just make this a bomb ass sequel and stop there.
  8. “Danger Zone” is played in its entirety at least once in the movie.

Well, there you have it. As a film that sits comfortably in my top 5 favorite movies of all time, I hope they do good by the original Top Gun with this sequel. I’ll be sure to follow up next year with a reaction piece.


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