Feel Good Friday: Parking Ticket Payoffs

If you’ve ever gotten a parking ticket, you know how annoying it is. You didn’t feed the meter enough or you didn’t see the sign that said “permit only” and all of a sudden you owe 50 bucks to a municipality that can’t seem to fill in potholes as quickly as they develop. You’re pissed you have to pay it, but what other option do you have?

Well, if you happen to live in Muncie, Indiana, you do have another option. Upon hearing that Muncie Animal Care & Services was running low on cat supplies for the over 350 cats and kittens at its facility, the police department decided to do something about it, allowing people to “pay” their parking tickets in the form of cat supplies for the shelter.

The program, which ended on July 19th, filled an empty room at the shelter with litter, food and toys for the cats, and according to the police department, “Most of the folks that donated didn’t even have parking tickets.”

Imagine what could happen if more police departments did something like this?

[Via Sunny Skyz]

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