Feel Good Friday: Baking For Change

I am the first one to call out teens and pre-teens as being among the most annoying humans on the planet, but every now and then, some of these kids surprise me.

Enter the Mushambi brothers from Missouri City, TX. Nigel and Shane are 12-and-13 years old, respectively, and they’ve founded their own business, 2 Bros In The Kitchen. Instead of spending their free time playing video games, the brothers are channeling their love of science and math into baking, creating cookies, pastries, cakes, and cupcakes utilizing recipes from their grandmother.

But even better, they aren’t pocketing their profits. In addition to saving up to upgrade their baking supplies, the brothers have donated almost $2000 to various charities in their area. Additionally, they volunteer in the community; according to 21 CBS DFW, Shane, who has a skin condition called Vitiligo — which causes loss of skin color — just recently helped out Dr. Alanna Bree at Children’s House, a Houston non-profit that helps kids with skin conditions, feel comfortable in their own skin.

“Well it touches my heart,” Bree said. “Of course, I mean the fact that these boys are so selfless and so willing to make the world a better place, especially for their peers, other children that are suffering… I think it’s just incredible.”

For the brothers, the rewards are more intrinsic then extrinsic. Shane told the station, “The other day someone said that you inspire me. That… that was good. That was a good day.”

[Via 21 CBS DFW]

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