This Week in Ridiculous Holidays: August 19th – August 25th

This is my personal favorite week of the whole year – it’s my birthday week! But aside from me, there’s a few other things to celebrate this week, including senior citizens, a few kinds of pie, and waffles.

Monday, August 19

International Bow Day

Hair bows? Violin bows? Crossbows? I feel like this needs to be a bit more specific.

National Aviation Day

Am I alone by LOVING the whole flying experience? I love all of it – except for the assholes that crowd the gate.

National Soft Ice Cream Day

Like soft serve? What a weird way to word it.

Tuesday, August 20

National Radio Day

Does anyone still listen to the radio?

National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day


Wednesday, August 21

National Spumoni Day


National Brazilian Blowout Day

I used to get these until I got a little freaked out about putting that many chemicals on my head…

National Senior Citizens Day

Buy one a coffee or simply listen to a story from a senior today.

Thursday, August 22

National Surgical Oncologist Day

Fitting that this is on my birthday, since I wouldn’t be here. So shout out to those heroes.

Never Bean Better Day

Less fitting because the only kind of beans I like are cherry jelly beans.

National Pecan Torte Day

Gonna have this as my birthday cake.

National Bao Day

I haven’t had a lot of bao because a lot of it has shellfish in it and then I’ll die, but the kinds I have had have been good.

National Tooth Fairy Day

Why did we not think it was creepy as children that a stranger was putting money under our pillow while we were asleep?

Friday, August 23

National Ride The Wind Day

“Enjoy the last days of summer and the warm summer breezes.” Um, it’s a Friday. We are all at work.

National Sponge Cake Day

Eh, in the realm of cakes, it’s not a winner.

Saturday, August 24

National Peach Pie Day

And in the realm of pies, neither is this one.

National Maryland Day

We can blame the state for lax bros – jousting became the official sport of Maryland in 1962; but lacrosse became the official team sport of the state in 2004.

National Waffle Day

A waffle with strawberries and whipped cream? Yes, please.

Sunday, August 25

National Park Service Founders Day

National Parks are pretty cool, so props to those guys.

National Whiskey Sour Day

An underrated drink, IMHO.

National Kiss and Make Up Day

Nah, I’d rather hold a grudge.

National Banana Split Day

Not my favorite type of sundae, but it’s not like I’d turn it down.

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