Feel Good Friday: Why Did The Ducks Cross The Road?

Every day, I fight Boston traffic to drive to work. If you’ve ever been here, you know that the fact I do that and have not yet committed a road rage crime is nothing short of a miracle. On top of the fact that people from the great state of Massachusetts are horrible drivers, there are also a lot of pedestrians downtown that think it’s their right to cross the street whenever they freaking feel like it.

I imagine that the traffic up in Biddeford, Maine, about 20 miles southwest of Portland, isn’t necessarily as bad as in downtown Beantown, but that doesn’t mean that the patience of a group of drivers last week isn’t amazing, as that they stopped their cars during their morning commute for a special group of street-crossers: more than 45 ducks.

Traffic on the 4 lanes of Route 111 came to a complete standstill as the waterfowl cross the street. According to Fox News, “The ducks seemingly proceed in three groups — with more than a dozen in the first. The second flock of ducks appear to be hesitant to cross the road, but the waiting drivers remain patient, and let the birds pass.” the latest video at

“Proof that there are more good people in this world than bad!”Karen Ramunno, who posted the video to Facebook, said, “Not one person in the 2 lines of traffic were beeping or impatient with these guys! Even the last 2 stragglers!”

[Via Fox News]

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