Feel Good Friday: Duck, Duck, Kitten

So last week’s Feel Good Friday covered a parade of ducks crossing a road in Maine. This week’s brings us a kitten in Texas that may have fit right in.

Little Melvin, a kitten being sheltered at at the Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg, Texas, doesn’t exactly sound like his feline counterparts. Instead, he sound a lot more like my duck friends from Maine. Check it out here.

According to Sarah, the volunteer who took the video, “We met Melvin at the Palm Valley Animal Center, we’d been there volunteering for Clear The Shelters the day before, and we’re back to help out some more. We heard a very unique meow when we entered the room, and followed it to this surprising source!”

Luckily for him, Melvin’s odd vocal stylings didn’t prohibit him from finding his forever home; according to the center’s Instagram page, he’s been adopted:

Yay, Melvin!! [Via Huffington Post]

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