Apple Just Dropped Their New iPhones. What Does It Mean for my Instagram?

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One of my favorite days of the year is upon us: Apple Keynote Day. A special event where I block out two hours of meetings to sit in my car and watch Apple talk about their new and improved iPhone from my perfectly functioning, one year old iPhone. As I watch Tim Cook get on stage and introduce no-name employees to talk about some game subscription I don’t care about, anticipation builds. I’ve seen the leaks and rumors and mock ups, but what’s the true form of the new phone that I’ll be sitting up in bed at 5 am later this week to order? 

This year, we got two answers: iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro. The 11 comes in a bunch of fun colors like red, purple, yellow, minty green, and your standard black and white. The 11 Pro comes in 4 colors, and has been getting meme’d into next week already, for giving people trypophobia (an aversion to clusters of small holes) and looking like an electric razor. I’m not going to bore you with the details of the internals. Just know these two things: it’s faster, and it has a better battery. What we really want to know is how fire our Instagrams are going to be now with the upgrade. There are a handful of features that apply to both the 11 and 11 Pro, so we’ll be covering those only. You guys aren’t pros and you know it. 

New Ultra-wide camera

This one is going to be heralded for group photos. We’re going to finally be able to get everyone in the shot without Becky sorority-squatting without stretching and straining a hammy. This applies to both the back and selfie cameras. So find your friend with the longest arm and hand them your 11. 

Smart HDR and Editing Improvements:

Shouts out to you folks to just up the brightness and throw Clarendon onto every photo inside the Instagram editor. Just hit the magic wand in the top corner and stop making all your friends look like ghosts. Unfortunately, I think this is also going to make FaceTune more obvious, so tread lightly, ladies. 

Portrait Mode Improvements:

Dog Instagram accounts rejoice! Pups look even better through portrait mode now. 

Night Mode:

I’m going to take advantage of this one ad-nauseum. Night mode is going to be great for taking a vibey photo of a tiki drink in a dimly lit craft cocktail bar without ruining the whole ambiance by turning on your flash. (This is where android users will say, we already had that. And to that I say, get out of here green text)

Quick Take:

Important for when you and your bestie are doing a photoshoot to update your Hinge profiles and she accidentally falls into the fountain you are posing next to. Quick take lets you turn a photo into a video by holding down the ‘shoot’ button. 

Most of this doesn’t mean anything to you. But I, for one, am thrilled with a lot of these advancements. You can see how my work improves by following me on @iambigpete on instagram. I usually post more to my story than to my feed, it gives my aesthetic more of a “here and now” vibe. And don’t bother getting the Pro, you guys are going to hurt yourself with that many cameras on your phone. I will be getting it in that awesome midnight  green color.

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