Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Four Sports And Lil’ Wayne

It was a lovely weekend here in Massachusetts. 80 degree days, no plans, and Sunday football. How was your weekend? I hope it was better than these people’s.

Lil Wayne

Before we get to the sports, we’ll stay with Mr. Carter.

In news that should not be shocking to anyone, staff members at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton, MO received several complaints of the smell of marijuana coming from the rapper’s room. According to the police, the staff says they called up to the room Saturday morning and asked him to open his balcony doors to “mitigate” the smell. This, for some reason, led to members of Weezy’s entourage heading down to the lobby and yelling at members of the front desk staff before departing – voluntarily. Which is not how Wayne put it in his tweet saying he would not appear at his show Saturday night.

I’m not exactly sure why leaving the Ritz (either voluntarily or involuntarily) means Wayne couldn’t perform that night. Seems like a pretty crappy reason to let down your fans. [Via TMZ]

Tennessee Titans

Normally when its said that a team is on fire, that’s a good thing, but in this case…it’s literal.

As the Titans took the field against the Colts on Sunday during their home opener, the pyrotechnic equipment used to welcome the team onto the field had a glitch and caused a small fire near one of the end zones.

Unfortunately for the Titans, the heat didn’t extend to their playing – the Colts won 19-17. [Via CNN]

Garrett Shrader

Another person on fire who couldn’t pull it off over the weekend? Mississippi State freshman quarterback Shrader.

While it may be a little misleading to say he was on fire, Shrader did step for a “ineffective and banged up” Tommy Stevens for the second half, and brought the Bulldogs within 7 of Kansas State with less than 3 minutes left. This is where Shrader’s effort earned him a spot on the highlight reel:

Unfortunately for Shrader, he came up a little bit short on the first down.  [Via CBSSports]

Charlie Culberson

Atlanta Braves infielder Charlie Culberson was pinch-hitting for starting pitcher Mike Foltynewicz during Saturday’s game at the Washington Nationals when he took a 91 mph fastball to the face from reliever Fernando Rodney:

Culberson was transported to a Washington hospital and released after being diagnosed with multiple facial fractures. While there’s no update on Culberson’s playing status, Braves manager Brian Snitker said, “The guys that did see him said he looked better than they thought he would this morning. He sounded good, for what he’d been through. It’s all very encouraging.”

If I’m Culberson, I’m investing in one of those face-shielding batting helmets. [Via USAToday]

The Miami Dolphins

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